Dave and Buster’s? More Like Dave and Busted’s!

The all-encompassing gloomy weather forced us into an indoor activity today. We had two choices: Despicable Me for $1 or Dave and Buster’s half-priced games. Yeah, it wasn’t really a choice at all.

T'Rex comin'!

T’Rex comin’!

It looks like our trip to watch Jurassic World is already paying dividends. We hadn’t been to Dave and Buster’s in a while and so the Jurassic Park game was new to us. Madison did not hesitate to give it a try with me. When the level selection came up, we both quickly agreed to opt for one which featured our friend T-Rex, or Tyrunt if you’re playing Pokemon along with us. We weren’t disappointed. Madison and I stayed alive as long as we could, gunning down random raptors, all the while just lighting up T-Rex as frequently as possible. But somehow T-Rex caught up to the jeep we were riding in and took huge bites out of the both of us. I’m not going to lie: I wish I could have played this thing all day.

Are her eyes open so wide to accommodate the larger screen?

Are her eyes open so wide to accommodate the larger screen?

Madison is terrible at Fruit Ninja, but this picture was just too hilarious not to post. She can only use one finger on her right hand to play this game. Obviously, this makes her a very inefficient Fruit Ninja. But she can’t use any more fingers – or hands for that matter – because if she tries, the levels of her accuracy and overall coordination plummet dramatically. I think it comes down to the fact that she can only watch one of her hands while the other simply goes rogue. It looked like she was conducting an orchestra. In interpreted her hand gestures as commands to the orchestra to its instruments down a steep flight of stairs.

FAT Pa'ina.

FAT Pa’ina.

Why yes, Madison did wear a Mets shirt today. I also wore a Mets shirt today. My spirits were riding high on the Mets’ 3-game win streak. The Mets lost today 8-0. Madison, however, was a winner. She opted for two different candy ropes as her reward for getting slaughtered by T-Rex and slicing into a bomb. God Bless the Participation Generation. I drove back toward Mililani with lunch on my mind and exited at Aiea. For some Heights Drive Inn.



Mad and I found a shady bench at Pearlridge Elementary. I snapped this picture of Madison devouring her saimin. It was at this exact moment that I considered taking a picture of my fried noodle/teriyaki special for Instagram. I decided against it because I had a hunch Lynnette would be upset about it and possibly pregnancy guilt me into driving back to Aiea even though they were closed – just as a punishment. I had no idea how right I would be.

When Lynnette arrived home and learned we had eaten Heights’ Drive-In without her she started yelling. “PHILIP! THERE’S NO SUCH… (dramatic pause to gather her thoughts) THING AS SCORNED WOMAN AS ONE WHOSE HUSBAND ATE HEIGHTS DRIVE INN WITHOUT HER!” Now, granted, I’ve never heard that one before, but I understood it. She called our lunch a “betrayal” and was legitimately upset until she calmed herself down and apologized. It’s a good thing, too. She escalated things past #stuffpregnantwomen say all the way to #stuffpregnantwomensayrightbeforetheypunchtheirhusbandsinthefaceandfilefordivorceinonemotion.

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