Thanks, We’ll Be Here All Season

I told Madison we were going to the beach this morning. Due to the fact that we both watched Monday Night Raw light, breakfast took place promptly at 10:30. It was almost noon before I pulled into the Wet n’ Wild parking lot to surprise her with our first of many visits to the water park.

I love that she's still such a cheap date.

I love that she’s still such a cheap date.

Observation: Wet n’ Wild has an strong case for the title of island hub of young-teenage-female-buttcheeks. Modern bikini designs skew much closer to eye patches than underwear and it’s a little disconcerting. It’s not just that I find it risque for such young women to wear clothing in this style; it teleports me to a not-so-distant future where my own young woman argues the necesssity of procuring some fashionable article of clothing that’s all the rage and by “all the rage” she means microscopic. That’s a battle I can see coming but still won’t be prepared for. Ugh, I’ll have nothing.

Butt so yeah, we spent a couple of hours at the park before heading back to the car for lunch. Three spam musubi, a Coke, a Capri Sun, and a half-bag of Cheetos Puffs did the trick. Fortunately, I had the foresight and luck to park directly in front of a tree. The shade was nice, though I am sure passersby must have thought Madison and I were insane because of all the yelling at the birds who made the poor decision of alighting on the branches above. Were the birds scared off by our chatter? It’s difficult to say, but we were not pooped upon, so in my mind the process was just as good as the result.

The park seems to have banned cameras and other like devices on the rides since the last time Madison and I visited. As such, I don’t have much for you other than all of the things Mad’s done before. She’s pretty steamed she hasn’t grown enough to get on any new rides. We checked out the height guide at the front of the park and Mad looks to be 2 or 3 inches short of the 48″ rides. Maybe next year. Anyway, we were able to get away with this clip before being appraised of the new ban on electronics:


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