We Now Interrupt Your Previously Scheduled Sand Turtling For a Sudden Downpour

The weather hasn’t been great this week. When we woke this morning the skies were once again gray. Rays of sunlight intermittently poked through the clouds and I suppose that was enough. Madison and I took off for the North Shore with hopes of sand turtles and blue skies. We got both – at least for a little while.

1I don’t know if this stretch of beach has an official name, but it does have a mini-parking lot just before Turtle Bay (coming from Wahiawa). There is a lengthy reef at the shore which provided both safe water conditions and lots of tide pools. I took a scoop of sand with the big hand net and popped out a single sand turtle. “Oh, I see him!” Madison said. Then she went about the business of trying to find one herself. She found a few and even held them in her hands. Of course, I had to assure her that sand turtles don’t have pincers. I caught a couple of small fish in the tide pools, but by then Mad wanted to shoot each other in the face with water guns. I’m not saying she’s got a small attention span, but she quit sand turtling with me to make a pie for Abby. Two minutes after that, I asked her what flavor the pie was. “What pie?” she said. “Abby’s pie,” I said. “Abby can’t eat pie,” she said.

2When I bought these mini-Max Liquidators earlier in the summer, I dubbed them the “best $4 I ever spent.” I would like to recant that statement as one of the broke today. Apparently, Madison’s water gun game is too strong.

We’ve got this game going on where we try to shoot each other in the wattle. This is most definitely a game of skill as I absolutely cannot shoot Madison in the face lest she stop playing immediately and scream “YOU GOT ME IN THE EYE!” Whether or not she falls to the ground clutching her face depends on how deep the water she’s standing in is. Madison, though, has no such reservations with me. In fact, her best shot came last week when I emerged from the water. I wiped the water from my face and tilted my head back to run my fingers through my hair. Before I got the chance, a steady stream of water drilled me in the throat. I have been looking for revenge ever since. It will come. I am a patient man.

3Well, the clouds never really left the sky, and it began to drizzle a little after an hour since we got into the water. “I don’t feel anything,” Mad said. I let it go. 10 minutes passed. I heard it first I looked up toward the road and mountain. It was pouring. We – and the handful of others on the beach – took off for the parking lot. By the time we got everything into the car and Madison changed, the rain had slowed to a steady fall. By the time we got to Waimea Bay, the rain had stopped. By the time we passed Haleiwa, I felt stupid.

“You want to go back to the beach?” I asked Madison. “No. Let’s go meet Mem for lunch,” she said. Hard to argue with that.


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