Introducing Maggie Higa!

I would like for you to meet Maggie, the newest member of the Higa family. She is an English Bulldog because my parents are trying for all the bulldogs. I don’t know what Maggie’s middle name is yet, but just know that she narrowly missed out on being called Talulah. I’ve been complaining about “Philip” since I could form coherent thoughts but in light of this new evidence, perhaps I got off lightly. Anyway, this is her:

1She’s a tiny little thing for the time being. My mother’s been assured that Maggie won’t grow to become a monster of a dog, but I suppose everything is possible. I’ve already been lectured about not giving her any human food because the breed is known to have sensitive stomachs. “Well, then she’ll fit right in with this family,” I said. I will have to find some other way to become Favorite Brother. Maggie possesses seemingly endless rolls of extra skin that undulate with each of her movements. Her tongue never quite gets completely in her mouth and it’s cute, hilarious, and somehow lends a little personality. I’ve initiated her into the family by calling her a clown. She’s initiated my parents’s house by peeing on a rug. Good game, Maggie!

23My parents took the November death of their first dog, Bijou, very hard. I wondered if they’d ever look into owning another dog. They’d mention it from time-to-time, but always as a sort of hypothetical, with words like “if” or “when” or “might” and “maybe” punctuating much of their statements. My mom first spoke of the possibility of a new dog yesterday on our drive out to the North Shore. She said they just came across Maggie at My mom has a particular gift for overthinking things which she’s sadly passed on to me. She asked my opinion about a potential new puppy and the timing with three grandchildren on the way. “I don’t see how the two are related,” I said. She kind of nodded off. She exchanged text messages with the breeder during our fishing trip and Mad and I said good-bye yesterday without knowing if they’d get a new pup. My dad invited us over for dinner tonight because they did.


You are new to the family and very young. I will tell you all you need to know about your new family. Tanya is a saint. Matty will cruise with you through three repeat viewings of Sports Center. Paul is prickly with humans, but very warm to dogs. You have lucked into two of the best parents a human or dog could ever have hoped for. You will know love. Try your best not to spread you slobber all over the house, and wipe your paws before you come inside.

Your Favorite Brother,


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