The Summer Weather Gods are Benevolent Gods

Praise be to the Summer Weather Gods who heard my pleas (via blog) and arranged for a glorious summer day on this Wednesday, the fifteenth of July, in the year 2015.

...this week...on American Ninja Warrior!

…this week…on American Ninja Warrior!



The day started with trips to two playgrounds that had been put on the back burner earlier this summer. The drive into Kahala was smooth and we arrived at Wilson Elementary at about 9:30. Madison caught a glimpse of this playground last Friday, but we couldn’t find parking then. Madison was thrilled by two aspects of this particular playground. First, this playground featured a spinner she could reach on her own. It’s like the one we found at Koko Head Elementary, and very similar to the ones on American Ninja Warrior. The goal of this particular obstacle, she said, was to leave the platform for the spinner, make a rotation, then return to the platform. She did this three times in 15 or so tries. It was pretty awesome that she had no fear of falling, blisters, or not making it out of the Venice quarter-finals. The second park is right across the street from Castle Medical Center. I don’t know what the park’s official name is so Mad and I settled on Jurassic Park because of the stegosaurus climber. There were also swings, so it wasn’t a complete loss, but my mind played tricks on me. This play area always looked so much more promising from the road.

She's always on the alert for a random launch.

She’s always on the alert for a random launch.



We cured the sweats at Kailua Beach. The water was especially green today, and I have no idea what might have caused that – possibly runoff from the recent rains, possibly the same dye Maverick used as a marker when he and Goose needed to be rescued. The water was cool and neither Madison nor I had complaints. When Madison and I got home from Waimanalo Beach Park last week I was irked to find that she and I had brought a fair amount of the beach back home with us. “I have a butt-sand full of crack,” I said. Madison paused for a moment and then laughed hysterically. It took me a few moments to realize what I had said. When we got pushed ashore by a few waves today, the fine powder of Kailua Beach got everywhere. “Dad, I’m gonna have a crack-sand full of… a butt-crack full of…” she said. She tried, anyway. I ordered Madison to shower off well before we got to the car. She assured me that she “got the front and the back” and “flipped the bottom part.” She was correct, but when she changed near the car, she had sand matted to the sides of her hips, apparently the two places in her swim bottoms that she neglected. We’ll get it right at some point. For now, we just dump butt-crack sand into the back seat of my car. No big deal.

Pretty good!

Pretty good!



This is my meal from Paniolo’s. It was a delicious burrito that scores extra points because it never fell part. Its ingredients never spilled out onto my foil and thusly, tears did not spill out from mine eyes. I don’t have a picture taking a huge bite because I made the horrible mistake of letting Madison start her meal before having her take my picture. “Do you have a hand clean enough to take a picture?” I asked. She put her Nutella and banana sandwich down, looked at her goo-covered hands, then back at me. She had a bright smile on her face. She also had Nutella on her face. Now, you might think that such a hearty meal and Madison’s failure to eat her meal neatly would have been the twin highlights of my day. At that point in the afternoon, that’s what I thought, too. I was mistaken. As Madison and I left H3 for the freeway headed west, I shouted “Traffic?!” As we came around the bend toward the merge, Mad and I said “Ooooooooooooooooooo!” in unison. No traffic on the freeway. That’s always tough to top, man.


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