One Last Summer Fling at Dave and Buster’s

I still go to Dave and Buster’s on Wednesdays. Only I get there 12 hours before everyone else does. And it’s Coke now instead of Red Bull/vodkas. And it’s my daughter instead of my friends. And also shorts instead of jeans. I really wish I could have hung on to the nightlife a little longer like my friend Brent who is the KSSK of partiers: he’s been your bar-scene favorite from the ’90s, ’00s, and now. Does it still go off? Alas, time has a way, and in my particular case, jagerbombs have been replaced by Bob-omb. As my brother Matty once crooned on his debut album recorded on a Compaq Presario, “Such is life.”

12But first, lunch. Dave and Buster’s really knows how to get to me. “Here, Phil, eat this cheese steak. Of course you can order it without the peppers, silly! Did you know that you can also get a $10 Power Card with that Cheese Steak, Phil? Of course, you did! You’re an intelligent guy, obviously? Well, did you also know that you can “super-charge” that Power Card for just $2 more, Phil?” It plays to all my weaknesses: my desires for food, people to recognize me as smart (regardless of what my hair might look like at the time), and to think I’m getting a good deal. It’s the worst, but somehow, that’s not even the worst part. Mad’s mac and cheese cost between $5-$6. As soon as Madison saw it, she said. “Oh, I think this is Kraft!” with excitement. “It’s not like MW,” she continued, sounding like her mother. “I really like MW,” she said, sounding even more like her mother. So, if you’re scoring at home, Madison ate about 1/3 of a box of mac and cheese for the price of 5 boxes of mac and cheese. I’m really glad Madison enjoyed it because I certainly didn’t.

34Madison and I spent play time mostly in and around her two favorite games: Jurassic Park and Mario Kart.

First, I want to commend my daughter for shooting a ton of winged dinosaurs today. She was also incredibly adept at acquiring those special ammo bonuses like the ones to be found famously in Contra. Perhaps my two favorite aspects of her style of play are the fact that she never holds her fire – even when prompted by the game – and also that she screams “Raptor!” every single time one appears on screen. I have succeeded as a father this summer.

Also of note is the Madison’s victory over another young girl in Mario Kart. Mad only hit the side rails 12 or so times during her race and it was enough to propel her into first place. It was the first time she beat another racer and the only time today since I beat her later. I’m not bragging, obviously. I have an actual license and I’ve been driving my entire adult life. I should beat her. Still, it was fun to watch her look at the “2nd” on her screen, then see her eye line drift to my screen and read “1st” and scrunch her nose. It was even more fun to stick my tongue out and make a hissing/laughing sound when she finally made eye contact with me.


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