Friendship Garden Hike and a Lanikai Beach Chaser

I’ve gained between 6-8 pounds during my summer break. The total really depends on when I weigh myself in relation to when I last ate. I’m going to go ahead and call this sympathy weight because this didn’t happen to me last summer. It’s the only thing that makes sense. I’m screwed. Lynnette, by comparison, has gained 17 pounds during her pregnancy. “And less than three pounds of that is the babies,” Lynnette said. She has an excuse and she’s gorgeous. She’s got this glow about her that she can’t see because when she looks at herself – like when she looks at her feet – the pregnancy obscures everything.

"'Nuff pictures, dad..."

“‘Nuff pictures, dad…”

If you look closely at this picture, you will see the only way I can motivate Madison to come hiking with me.

If you look closely at this picture, you will see the only way I can motivate Madison to come hiking with me.

Contributing to my weight gain is even less activity than normal. Before we were expecting, the three of us were pretty good about finding a trail to hike every two or three weeks. Lynnette was a good sport right up until she started showing. By then she’d get short of breath easily and have aches all over her body. We’ve tried to adjust our adventures accordingly, seeking out escalators and air conditioning rather than switchbacks and sunshine.

In fact, today’s hike of the Friendship Garden in Kaneohe was the first since the twins started drop-kicking Lynnette’s innards. I searched the net for easy hikes and man it was great that we found one to get us back into trekking shape. “I do not like hiking because it takes such a long time and it’s frustrating because you have to walk,” Madison says.  She does not like my penchant for taking pictures. She had no patience for the little ideas I had for them. She asked who invented hiking. She said she wished we could fly. Had I not packed her bag of goldfish, perhaps our journey through the Friendship Garden would have ruined our friendship. “I’m not very much into nature at all,” she added on the way back down. Can you tell from these pictures, though?

C'mon, hands.

Pro-Tip: Do not interlock your fingers when attempting to catch something.

Very necessary.

Very necessary.

Our hike was overcast but muggy, the perfect conditions to create that thick layer of sweat on one’s nose and upper lip. The sky was gray when we dropped our bags on the soft sand of Lanikai. Still, the waters were welcomed relief from the humidity.

Madison and I have spent the last two days at the beach and most of that time has been spent trying to teach her how to make diving catches. “But Phil, she can’t catch on dry land standing still, why would you up the degree of difficulty so steeply?” you might object. Well, you’re absolutely right. But to my surprise, she actually enjoys this. I for one never imagined she’d get a kick out of slamming her body and face into the water repeatedly, but here she is. In the last two days, I have tossed things at Madison about 30 times. Guess how many she caught. Nope. Lower. Lower! That’s right. She hasn’t made a catch yet. But she’s getting close. I feel it. Her uncle Matty, master of the diving play, would be so proud.


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