The Last Day of Summer 2015

Madison and I spent our last day of summer at one of her favorite beach spots, the stretch to the right of Turtle Bay. I had a bunch of cool pictures of the two of us together, but for reasons I don’t understand, none of them saved to my computer before being deleted from the camera. I’m kind of bummed out by this loss, but I have done my best to compensate for it with Microsoft Paint.

99.8% accurate, some colors are off.

99.8% accurate, some colors are off.

Thank you, you’re too kind. Anyway, I want to say on this last day of summer – since I can’t possibly jinx anything – that they two most depressing aspects of summer were as follows:

1. The bi-polar weather that showed up in late June and stayed through early July. It was unpredictable, sporadic, and horrible. And then, just when we all thought it couldn’t get worse and begged for better conditions, the Summer Weather Gods dropped that one horrible weekend when temperatures were in the mid-90s.

2. That thing where you spend a length number of time in the water and adjust to weighing a lot less than you do on dry land. Then you get so arrogant about it that you start busting out flares-to-shoulder rolls in waist-deep water, but the you come out of the water and you can literally feel true gravity hit your shoulders, waist and knees. C’mon, I can’t be the only one. Screw you guys.

Just not even trying.

Just not even trying.

The Summer Weather Gods (I don’t know why I started sub-classifying the Weather Gods by season) gave us pristine conditions today. Additionally, random chance and Mother Nature conspired to give us some time to observe a monk seal on the beach. For a while, it just lay on the sand above the debris line, then eventually made its way toward the shore break. Madison and I were lucky enough to witness the monk seal just lie with its face toward the oncoming water. The seal didn’t even try to move its face out of the way of the froth. Maybe it has to go back to work tomorrow. That would explain everything.

Because I love you, Mad. And also possibly because I love fast food.

Because I love you, Mad. And also possibly because I love fast food.

On this, the last day of Summer 2015, I took Madison to eat at her favorite restaurant. Yes, McDonald’s. She demolished a 6-piece meal, inhaled her Go-gurt, and essentially just hooked up an I.V. into her arm and ran Dr. Pepper through it. I hope she enjoyed it because she (and I) have to go to bed early tonight and get up early tomorrow. She and I will once again begin the long and arduous process of making our way back to summer. But if things unfold the way we think they might, next summer will be a kind of adventure the likes of which we have never seen and can barely imagine. Madison will be 8, I will be 36, and we will be in charge of making sure two infants don’t melt in the sweltering summer heat.

Madison, if you are reading this, I want you to know how much I’ve enjoyed our summer adventures. Do you know that I spent that very first summer with you watching Mets games in silence? Whenever they screwed up, I had to scream-whisper so I didn’t wake you. I can’t even guess at how many times you and I have gone to Walmart and Target during the summer months. Do you remember 808 Bounce? Can you remember all of the playgrounds we’ve been to? I hope you had as much fun as I did. Well, things are going to be different next summer, sweetie. But different doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I love you and I know I and your brother and sister can count on you to be the best big sister in the world next summer. From here to there, then.


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