Madison’s First Day of Second Grade!

Madison and I both went back to the real world this morning, but instead of boring you with the blah details of my day, I would like to share the morning juuuuust before Mad’s first day of second grade with you. As always, her words will appear in her customary pink.

Much more flattering than the Instagram version.

Much more flattering than the Instagram version.

Did you have a difficult time getting up this morning? Kind of, I mean a little bit. I had a bad dream and woke up in the middle of the night. I was trying to sleep and then I heard weird noises coming from your phone.

Were you excited about your first day of second grade? No, because I wanted the summer not to end. You too, yeah?

Yeah. But did your attitude change when you got dressed and ate breakfast? Yeah, when I had breakfast it did because I had miso soup with egg inside.

Why did you get such a special breakfast? Because, I guess for celebration of second grade coming. But I didn’t like it because I just wanted it to be summer.

What did you think of your outfit today? It was pretty good. I had soft pants on and I told Charlie [her cousin] “Soft pants rule!”

Big girl!

Big girl!

So this is the first year that you don’t have A-Plus before school. What did you do instead? Go to the drop-off line. My backpack has elastic pockets on the side so now I can hold my water.

Cool, but what about the drop-off line? What is it? You just put the brake on the car, then you hug your child, then they get out of the car and walk to their class. I don’t like it, though.

Wait, why don’t you like it? Because I’m not so used to it actually.

But you’ll be fine in a couple of days, right? I hope. 

Did you know that Mem [Lynnette] said she cried this morning? Really? Why?

She said she cried after she dropped you off. Why? Why did she?

I don’t know, probably because you’re growing up so fast and she’s super-hormonal. What does “hormonal” mean?

Mem’s emotions are all crazy because she’s pregnant. Yeah, probably. But when she’s not pregnant, will she still be like that?

What? Crazy? Probably.


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