Happy 5th Birthday, Abby!

Depending on your species, Abby turned 5 or 35 today. The first accounting would make her the youngest member of our household, the latter would make her my age. We’ll stick with 5.

She doesn't hate slides as much as the beach, I guess.

She doesn’t hate slides as much as the beach, I guess.

We should have invested in one of these years ago.

We should have invested in one of these years ago.

We tried to make today as special as Abby as we could within reason. We got up pretty early for a holiday and headed out to find a new playground somewhere in Mililani. We found on at Mililani Uka Elementary and Abby was all too happy to walk around campus. She really does love going for walks and we don’t take her on them nearly enough. There was the usual spring in her step once she got outside of our small home. She accompanied Madison on the playground for a while and made it down both slides. I can’t say that Abby enjoyed the slides, but I can’t say she didn’t enjoy them, either. I can tell you that Madison loved telling Abby that everything was going to be fine before pushing off on each sliding attempt. Everything was fine.

Since we built up a nice sweat, we broke out the plastic pool right in our drive way. We propped up our seldom-used tent, and the two kids enjoyed cool water in the shade. Madison is 7 now and how I managed to not buy one of these pools at any point in time during those 7 years is a mystery. It’s so easy. We originally bought the pool to take to my parents’ house. The plan was to fill it and let Abby and Maggie frolic in the pool, but um… Abby kind of hates Maggie, so…

Steak and potatoes!

Steak and potatoes!



While it’s true that Abby loves walks and she does love cooling off, her favorite thing in the entire world is eating. She takes after her mother and sister in that she is a snacker. She always has room for a quick bite to eat. With that in mind, Lynnette and I made Abby a little lunch plate featuring steak and potatoes. This might be the first lunch that Abby’s ever eaten since we generally feed her in the morning and in the evening. “We have a good lunch for you,” Madison said as we were cooking. “She doesn’t even know what that means,” I said. “She’s never had lunch before.” With that, Lynnette launched into “I wanna know what lunch is!” and I joined her with the “I want you to show me!” It was great and I was salty that I didn’t think of it first.

Abby destroyed both her lunch and dessert (vanilla cupcake with buttercream frosting). It surprised none of us. I had no doubt that Abby would make quick work of her meal, but she ate exceptionally fast. It’s like she expected us to change our minds any second and inhaled her food because of it. We got home a few minutes ago and there were no turds on the carpet. Abby made good choices. Maybe she’s growing up?

Happy birthday, Abby!

Happy birthday, Abby!


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