Made in Hawaii Expo 2015

How does a man payback his wife for her relentless support last weekend? By taking her to the Blaisdell for the Made in Hawaii Expo this weekend, of course!

Multi-tasking, baby.

Multi-tasking, baby.

“Hey, if I find something super-cute for the babies at the Expo, I’m just going to get it, OK?” Lynnette said yesterday as she was already plotting out her Made in Hawaii Expo strategy. “You’re just looking for me to give you the OK to do something unreasonable,” I said, trying to be the voice of reason. Lynnette laughed, then changed her voice to the one that both of us use whenever we’re trying to seduce the other or fake-seduce each other. “Doing the unreasonable thing is what led us here,” she said in a kind-of bedroom voice while stroking my cheek. Jesus. Well, Lynnette did find her cute baby thing in the form of a breastfeeding cover. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to shop or eat ice cream so she just did both at the same time. She really is the best.

Pink Totoros.

Pink Totoro(e)s.

It should come as no surprise to that Madison found some jewelry at the Expo. Mad’s acquisition of jewelry at the Blaisdell is already something sort of a tradition, right up there with waiting in line to buy tickets, waiting in line to enter the exhibition all, and waiting in line to use the bathroom. Epic. Anyway, since Madison’s started wearing earrings again, she decided on a pair of dangling Totoro earrings in pink. They are basically everything she could have hoped for in jewelry that isn’t Pokemon-related. I can’t wait until she figures out how to do web searches and discovers some expensive set of Pikachu earrings or Oshawott necklace. Man, it’s going to be really hard to say no.

Super-happy, though.

Super-happy, though.

Honestly, though, I’m probably the happiest of the bunch. Kanemitsu Bakery sold hot bread again and again, I bought a few loaves. I dropped one off with Matty and I’ve already snacked my way through half of one. It does not look good for that loaf to make it through tomorrow morning. I will stand in whatever line there is for this. It’s a relic of my teenage years, back when I could eat an entire loaf in a single sitting and not even think about what that might do to my body. I also picked up a shirt which features the Infinity Gauntlet in the shape of a shaka. That’s a really good day, and about all I can ask from the Made in Hawaii Expo.


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