Study Buddies

I have become Madison’s study buddy over the past two weeks. Last week’s subject was geography. Content-wise, it was a lot of stuff about states, capitals, countries, bodies of water, and landmasses. The trickiest question was naming the continents. She only needed to name three, but when we were studying together she boldly proclaimed she’d name all seven. (Aside: as soon as she said that, my mind drifted to Karate Kid II: “He has to break three, right?” “Wrong. All six.”) She forgot Europe and Africa. I filled her in and told her we’d swing back around to that question, and if she managed to get them all, I’d tack on an extra 15 minutes to her bed time. She bolted up in her seat. She would later nail them; there was never any doubt. The following weekend Lynnette told me that Madison met her benchmarks with excellence. Lynnette suggested I continue as Mad’s study partner. It’s a fair request as Lynnette goes over and signs off on the rest of Mad’s homework.

The cheat sheet.

The cheat sheet.

Madison’s Friday assessment centered on magnets and the things to which they’re attracted. Madison was well-prepared for the subject matter because of her independent research on this guy and also this guy(s). On the left is Mad’s note sheet as created by Lynnette. I gave Madison five minutes to study (just like in my classroom!) before our review session. “Dad, if I get everything right, can I stay up until 8:15 again?” she asked before we started. “I think so,” I said. “As long as you don’t give mom a hard time in the morning.” “Kk,” she replied. Eww.

“Draw me like one of your Pokemon, Mad.”

As expected, Madison blew through most of the information. She was able to extend her bedtime to 8:15 by correctly explaining the rules of attraction and repulsion as they apply to the poles of a magnet. Here is a sampling of the review:

P: What are the ends of a magnet called?

M: They are called “poles”. One is called the “north” and the opposite is “south”.

P: Which one does Santa Claus live at?

M: Whaaat? Oh, the North Pole. That’s right.

Well, after she correctly answered all of the questions on her cheat sheet and earned those precious 15 minutes, I told her she could extend her bedtime to 8:20 if she was able to accurately draw Abby and I in the pose pictured above. Dude.



First of all, I stopped spiking my hair two years ago, Madison. I don’t know what I was expecting; I’d seen Madison’s artwork many times and had been thoroughly whelmed. Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed. Whelmed. “K, dad, I’m finished,” she said as she handed me her Boogie Board. “Look at this mess, Abby!” I shouted. Abby popped up off my lap and barked at me. “I know!” I said. “C’mon, dad! That’s you sitting and Abby over there! That’s 8:20!” she said. She’s really lucky art is subjective.

This upcoming week is the last of the first quarter for both Madsion and me. I’ll have a lot of grading to get to in a few short days, but I can’t wait to see what the second grade has in store for us this week.

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