Maternity Leave Day!

I long ago accepted Lynnette’s penchant for finding any reason – regardless of how thin – to celebrate with food. It is, I have been told, something inherent to her Filipino heritage and also why should I complain when I’m going to eat good food too? Fair enough. Well, Lynnette initially hoped to work all the way through to the point when her water broke, so as to maximize the time she’d have with the twins after they would be born. About a week-and-a-half ago she came to the realization that her best-case scenario was a pipe dream. It’s not that she’s in pain or constant discomfort, it’s more that I wish you could see her try to pick things up off the floor. She just can’t move around well or for very long. What will she do with all this free time? I don’t know, but I do know that we celebrated the start of her maternity leave with dinner at Sweet Home Cafe. Maternity Leave Day is right up there with birthdays, anniversaries, and national holidays.

2 3 4“Let me see the photos you’re going to post,” Lynnette said as I was preparing to write this entry. “Those are embarrassment photos,” she continued. “So what, then?” I asked. She kind of growled, but then turned on the spot and said “I want chocolate.” That’s a green light if I ever heard one.

Now, I don’t want it to seem like neither Madison nor I ate, because we did. I wanted to specifically highlight Lynnette’s passion for Sweet Home Cafe because she earned this meal and then some. I want to eat sushi all the time and more often than not, Lynnette will let me eat sushi. She frequently fantasizes about hot pot, but since the best restaurants are in town, we rarely go. Whenever she talks about hot pot, she glances off into the distance, smacks her lips, and pats her tummy. Madison and I would never make hot pot our first choice for a meal, but agreed to dinner there tonight because we knew how much Lynnette would enjoy it. Honestly, she had to invent a special day in order to justify the trip into town to eat at her favorite hot pot spot.

I’ve chronicled many of Lynnette’s pregnant rantings on Instagram, and though through that lens she might seem picky and/or high maintenance, that’s actually the opposite of the truth. In this, her second pregnancy, she’s been mostly reasonable. Now, before I give her all the credit, I want to dole some out to our unborn twins because they’ve had a hand in this, too. Lynnette always wants to eat, but since Yoenis and Davida occupy so much space in her torso, she can’t eat that much. Lynnette tells me that the skin at the front of her tummy is so taut that it feels like it’s tearing sometimes. She’s had to deal with, is dealing with, and will deal with nonsense my male brain can’t even imagine. The least I can do is drive her to the places she wants to eat.

I’m going to make a suggestion to my wife right now. Once or twice a week, treat yourself to a meal at a new restaurant while Madison and I are at school and work. Take some pictures, make a few notes, then write about your experiences here in this space. I am sure people would love to hear  your thoughts on food, pregnancy, and everything else. Happy Maternity Leave Day! You’ve earned it and all the rest of them.


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