The Fall Break That Basically Never Was

I have to go back to work tomorrow, but Lynnette is on maternity leave and Madison somehow has two more days off. I want to fight everybody, starting with Chase Utley.

Before the break started, I determined that if I graded 15 essays per day, starting two Fridays ago, I could be finished with my grading in time for the start of the National League Division Series which started this past Friday. Well, I got super sick and that ruined all of my plans. I was on a medical schedule that alternated between Tylenol and Advil for 5 days. Though I started to feel better on Monday, I didn’t feel like myself until Wednesday. I lost something like 7 pounds this week. I suppose that is the silver lining, but I don’t know if it was worth it.

She's getting braver.

She’s getting braver.

Since it’s virtually impossible for Lynnette to go to the beach – she can’t walk for very long and the sand makes matters worse – we spent my last day of the break at the pool. We had gone on Friday before Game 1 of the NLDS, and Madison was thrilled. She loves the pool but the school year has trimmed our opportunities down to near nothing. She used the kick board to traverse the length of the pool by herself. Usually, I accompany her, but today I felt like letting her explore her independence. I was also lazy. Anyway, the first time she went off on her own, she kept looking back to see if I would follow. When she got to the other side, she waved. When she made it back, she told me that she made it by herself. “I saw you look back every so often to make sure I was still there,” I said. “Yeah,” she concurred. “Who else does that?” “Abby!” Madison shouted. It’s true. Whenever we take Abby out for a walk, she turns her head back toward us every once in a while, as if checking to see that we’re still there.

She really is a sight to behold.

She really is a sight to behold.

Madison loves showing off for Lynnette so we made sure Lynnette would be able to join us at the pool. “Is there a place for me to just relax in the shade?” she asked. “Oh, yeah, yeah!” I said. Madison and I laid out one of those loungers for Lynnette. She read her Sunday paper which featured the Ilima Award winners. I am sure she now has some ideas for where she’s going to eat lunch with her mother and Madison over the next two days. Madison called out to Lynnette frequently. The Goob likes to update Lynnette on the new tricks can pull off. When we left, I helped Lynnette off the lounger. “Holy brah! Look at the dent Mem left!” Madison said, pointing to the indentation left in the lounger. “It’ll grow back,” I said. That’s not what I meant, but you know what I mean. “She broke it!” Madison said. No, but Madison might have broken Lynnette’s self-esteem.

The best Abby.

The best Abby.

I got my hair cut on Tuesday. I wanted to look fresh for our maternity photos. Abby got her hair did today, and she is now the cutest dog imaginable, topping Maggie at my parents’ house and all the dogs at my in-laws’ houses – both here and in Las Vegas. Lynnette likes Abby with her long, wiry hair because it reminds her of what Abby looked like when we first brought her home. But I think this look makes her appear like a vagrant. Abby came home today with teal bows so we put on her teal dress. Ugh, my heart!

So long, Fall Break!

So long, Fall Break!

The only recourse left to me was to go to the store and buy some great stuff for dinner. Lynnette cooked up steak and oysters while I finished my grading and I washed it all down with a Coke. This Coke might make sleeping harder, but I feel like the combination of the pool and dinner itself will counteract the effects of the caffeine.

It’s true. This break was kind of a bummer. But there are reasons to smile. The Mets are now locked in a best 2-out-of-3. The school year is a quarter of the way through. Madison starts soccer next weekend. It’s almost Halloween and Lynnette will be home all day/every day to make awesome dinner. Okay, second quarter. Let’s go.


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