Avery Rio Pascua Higa

Now I have a new daughter and she’s the stubborn type, like her mother and big sister.

Dreams of plate lunches and 64 ounce Icees.

Dreams of plate lunches and 64 ounce Icees.

Both Lynnette’s and my parents were still at the hospital with us as the time neared 10 PM last night and we began to accept that Avery would not share a birthday with her brother Cole. I suppose the allure of a womb all to herself was too strong for Avery to resist. She spent the night alone and despite my more than mild irritation at her delayed arrival, it’s difficult to argue against that kind of logic. Sleeping in bed with Lynnette is awesome, but sleeping in bed with no one is the best. It’s hard to blame Avery when Cole’s ass has been in her face for something like 38 weeks. Lynnette, though, didn’t care about Avery’s reasoning. She’s been eating ice chips exclusively since 6:30 Sunday evening. In this picture, she was just about to start pushing Avery out. The smile wasn’t for the birth of her daughter, rather the thought of real food.

This is what a diva looks like.

This is what a diva looks like.

Avery Rio Pascua Higa was born at 11:36 this morning. Lynnette and I planned on announcing the twins’ births together, but that whole twins-are-born-five-minutes-apart thing didn’t apply to our family. Avery took an extra 18 hours to check out of the Hotel Lynnette, not a surprise given the behavior of both her mother and big sister. They take forever to get ready to leave the house. Avery and Cole will have different birthdays and between those dates, Lynnette’s birthday on the 4th, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas shopping, we may never have money in the final two months of the year again. Or just ever again, but still.

Were you inconvenienced, Avery? So sorry!

Were you inconvenienced, Avery? So sorry!

Unlike her chill older brother, Avery was a bit of a complainer when she was brought into the real world. Maybe she didn’t like Lynnette ushering her out? You mean she didn’t like working around someone else’s schedule? Hmm. I don’t know much about her yet. She’s loud and a sound sleeper, though. Sounds like me. But, as someone who hates humbug and tardiness, Avery worked my nerves pretty well despite not being born yet. When she was measured and winced at the cold air, I smiled. “Oh, you don’t like that?” I asked her. I smiled. Get used to it, girl. Ask Madison. You’re going to have to earn every win.

Avery got lucky, too, though.

Avery got lucky, too, though.

Cole was born in an OR because of the chance that the doctors would have to perform a C-Section. This, of course, was before Avery set a new record for twin tardiness. Since Avery was the only one left in the womb, Lynnette was able to give birth in a regular room and hook up skin-to-skin with Lynnette immediately. She drooled all over Lynnette’s neck and chest – pretty awesome stuff. I’m going to give Avery the benefit of the doubt. Maybe this was all a big misunderstanding and she got the date and the time wrong. It happens. Don’t make it a habit, Ri.


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