Cole Joseph Pascua Higa

I have a son. It still hasn’t sunk in yet, but it’s true.



Cole Joseph Pascua Higa was born at 5:33 on Monday afternoon. He is not quite a day old, and we’re still figuring him out, but here’s what we know so far:

Cole is pretty chill. I’ve been assured that will change in the next day or two when he realizes that he’s been let out of captivity like Indominous Rex, but I will hold out hope that he remains calm.

Cole is a fan of Lynnette’s boobs. Obviously, this is something Cole and I have in common. In fact, Cole has just fallen asleep while affixed to boob.

Cole sticks his tongue out a lot. He keeps trying to lick his swaddling blankets. Perhaps he’s been watching Abby lick the couch from inside the womb. But maybe a little Michael Jordan and David Wright in there. Heh? Heh?

Lynnette is the Greek goddess of clutching up.

Lynnette is the Greek goddess of clutching up.

Lynnette pushed Cole out in just under 30 minutes. She’s been on an ice chip diet since Sunday night and I have no idea how she’s doing this. Lynnette’s starving but in good spirits. She’s warm and cordial to all the doctors and nurses and family members who have shown up to visit. I would have snapped by now. “GET ME A SPICY TUNA PLATTER, ALREADY!” I would have said. “THESE ICE CHIPS ARE FOR SH*T!” I would have said. And this is why women have the children. It’s one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen – and remember – I’ve seen Lynnette naked (when she wasn’t pregnant or in labor).

Proud big sister.

Proud big sister.

Madison is super-stoked. She held Cole 10 minutes after he was born. Holding him was all she wanted to do last night. I can already tell that she loves her little brother, and I am sure the fact that he got her out of school Tuesday doesn’t hurt. Above all else, watching Madison hold her baby brother is the thing that fills my heart most. For a few moments last night I remembered those scenes of Madison playing by herself in her room, carrying all the conversation for herself, her stuffed animals, and her dolls. It was the worst part of raising a single child. Hopefully, she’ll never have to do that again. No, now she’ll get to hold Abby and Cole and baby girl hostage in her bedroom and teach them dance. Or geography. Or whatever she wants.

Diner's cheeseburgers!

Diner’s cheeseburgers!

You must be wondering where baby girl is. Join the club. Lynnette’s parents and her aunt and uncle have visited Cole. My mom, dad, and brother Paul have come to see Cole. Cole’s been two feet away from the glory that is a Diner’s double cheeseburger. But baby girl? She’s still hanging out in Lynnette. At first we thought maybe she just enjoyed the space to herself. As the night ran on, it became clear that she wanted her own birthday. Now? I’m positive if they ran an ultrasound on Lynnette’s belly, we’d see baby girl with her hands behind her head and her feet kicked up on Lynnette’s ribs. Unreal.

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