Madison Higa: Striker!

Lost in all of the twin excitement over the past week is Madison’s soccer successes. She scored her first goal last week Saturday, but umm… I wasn’t there to see it.

Ah, adulthood.

Ah, adulthood.

It’s part of life’s charm, these bittersweet moments of glee spiked with  just enough disappointment to get you a little drunk on longing. I had been looking forward to attending the wedding of my college roommate for quite some time. As expected, I saw many friends I rarely see and even a few that I haven’t seen since I graduated from LMU. I had a great time catching up, laughing, and having my old friends unlock some of the memories that I’d lost over the course of time. In the time between the ceremony and the reception, though, Lynnette text messaged me that Madison had scored her first goal. My initial reaction was joy and it immediately transitioned into sadness, as you can see in the image. I was so bummed to have missed her first goal – lefty no less!

It’s obviously a coincidence, but I think it’s incredible that Mad scored her first goal during my roommate’s wedding. The juxtaposition is clear: pieces of the old me showed up at a wedding and as happy as those bits were, they were overcome by my love for my daughter. That’s who I am now. It will always be fun to reminisce and romanticize my personal history with those who made it with me, but wow. This is who I am now.

Lynnette stayed home with the twins today as I went with Madison to her game. It was rainy and windy. Before the game I let Mad wear my jacket. “You know, I signed up for soccer for two reasons,” she said. “Oh yeah? What are they?” I replied. “To be an athlete like you and to play in the rain,” she said. Madison doesn’t know it yet, but this is the kind of thing she could follow up with “So can I get that big Lego set?” and totally get her way. Let’s hope she doesn’t figure that out. Ever. Anyway, here’s a quick clip of her in action:

Perhaps you noticed that she screamed as she kicked the ball. I asked her about this and she replied “Because I have to get the power.” Fair enough. Well, I am sure Madison knew what I was waiting for and she delivered.

Perhaps you noticed that my voice is nowhere to be found during this clip. There are very good reasons for that. First, when she broke away, I didn’t want to jinx it. Then, when she kicked the ball ahead, I wasn’t sure it was going to go in and I didn’t want to jinx it. When it finally went in, I was too happy to articulate it. I don’t know. I was speechless, I guess. I was so happy.

I like my athletes like I like my gravel: gritty.

I like my athletes like I like my gravel: gritty.

After the game Madison was quick to point out that she had fallen several times during the game, but that didn’t it didn’t hurt. My dad and I commented on this as it happened during the game. We both view this as a sign of competitiveness and mental toughness. She is well on her way to becoming an absolute psycho like her uncle Matty. I was pleased to see her bounce back from slipping, falling, and being knocked down. There was a kid on the other team who- you know what? I’ll just let her tell you about the game. In fact, I’ll just interview her. As always, her replies are in her customary pink.

Tell me about the game.

I was happy because it was the first time that we won.

How did you do?

Pretty good because I scored a goal.

What else happened during the game?

Um, I fell down. A boy slapped me in the eye, I rolled my ankle, the same boy elbowed me on the arm. I got all dirty. It was raining.

Did you cry?

No. It was the worst and the best game ever. 

“You know you’re a true Higa now, right?” I said. We were standing outside of the Highlander before leaving the parking lot. “What do you mean?” she asked. You’re filthy from a sports game and trying to get into the car while your father tries to figure out how to do it without getting mud all over the place so your mother doesn’t get upset.”


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