Big Sister Abby (kind of)

In terms of adjusting to the new additions to our family, I would have to say that the Power Rankings are as follows:

  1. Lynnette
  2. Madison
  3. Phil
  4. Abby
"Nah, not even."

“Nah, not even.”

More than anything, Abby’s been curious about these two milk-guzzling, screaming, red-faced babies who have invaded our home. Every once in a while, she’ll slowly stride up alongside Cole or Avery and give a few sniffs. Abby is very gentle about it and her behavior is the polar opposite of those she displays when seeking out scratches from human beings. No, when it comes to Cole and Avery, Abby hangs her head low, stretches out her neck and takes short shallows breaths in through her nose. When one of the twins makes a noise that registers somewhere between sleepy silence and outright crying, Abby’s ears perk up and she saunters over to check up on them.

I think the problem, though, is Lynnette and the other humans tend to shoo her away when she gets too close to the babies’ faces. I don’t know if this means she equates getting near them with negativity, but it hasn’t seemed like it yet. She doesn’t bark at them, but she does bark when someone enters the front door or she hears voices outside. That’s when Lynnette and I take turns whisper-yelling at her to stop barking. I like to think of Lynnette and I as intelligent individuals, but we must look totally stupid when we’re waving our arms and whisper-yelling at our dog who could not possibly care less.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa. My bad."

“Whoa, whoa, whoa. My bad.”

"Where do you hide your milk, human?"

“Where do you hide your milk, human?”

When I got home from work today, both Avery and Cole were resting in their rockers. Cole was awake and I want to say he was happy to see me, but that would necessitate him being able to see me, I’ll just say he was in good spirits. When I settled down in front of the rockers, Abby huddled up nearby and started hurling herself at me for scratches. It was the kind of stunt Lynnette threw at me all time way back in 2003, but she wasn’t after scratches, if you know what I mean. She wanted a ride to and from Oceans.

Anyway, after I stopped scratching, Abby turned her attention to the twins. She propped herself up on Cole’s rocker. I’ve noticed that she’s oddly very careful not to place her paw on their skin. But since Cole was up, he wasn’t having any of that. He must be able to see blobs of shapes because he backed away as Abby got closer, and when Abby went in for the Maltese kiss, Cole fortuitously threw his hands up and Abby backed away. I know. Lynnette and Phil 2003 all over again, right? Rebuffed by Cole, Abby headed over to Avery who was easy prey for Wabba. I let Abby mill about for a few moments, chasing her away when she got too close to the Humbug’s face. Abby trotted off, but got her revenge by walking under Cole’s walker, using it as a backscratcher, and sending Cole on a roller coaster ride in the process. I’ll cut Abby some slack. This isn’t easy on anybody.


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