Sleeping Through the Christmas Lights

We took the kids (still not used to adding on that “S”) to check out some of the Christmas lights in Waikele last night.

1As you might suspect (and we hoped) , the twins slept through the entire thing. Cole and Avery had some whiny things to say on the way out of Mililani, but by the time we got to Waikele, both had piped down and wisely decided to take a nap. I tried to get a few pictures of them with some of the more accessible displays, but the stroller we’re using isn’t very conducive to photography. That’s right, not pictured here is me on my tip-toes with my arms over my head trying to guess at the angle which will allow me a shot of both face, the snowman, and the brontosaurus back there. Mission accomplished, but I looked like an idiot doing it. Incidentally, that’s the exact phrasing I would use to describe any and every time I’ve asked a girl out.

2Abby came along and by some Christmas miracle, she didn’t instigate the first three-part crying harmony our family has ever experienced. Abby gets a little edgy during car rides and sometimes those nerves manifest themselves in whimpering, and in the absolute worst case, yelping. I don’t know what I would have done if the three of them decided to start crying at the same time. I know what I wouldn’t have done, though: stay sane. Anyway, Lynnette brought Abby out to talk the neighborhood and that lasted roughly .354 seconds before Lynnette scooped her up for being a bad walker. Then that lasted the span of three houses before Lynnette not-so-rhetorically-or-philosophically-or-hypothetically asked “Do you think Abby can sit in the bin on the bottom?” Translation: Are you morally opposed to placing Abby in the stroller? Because I’m not.

3Of course we were really going for Madison. She has earned the Citizen of the Quarter Award for the second time in two school years. Sometimes I wonder if she’s smart and I question why she isn’t always well behaved, but I guess what Mililani Mauka Elementary is telling me is that Madison’s smart enough to be well-behaved in school. I will take that. So we took the trip as a small reward for Madison’s academic efforts. If her test on soil and the 5 senses comes back aces, I’ll probably shell out for a moderately-sized Lego set or something that will rot her teeth, but she’s earned it.

This morning Mad woke up at 6:30 and helped me feed Cole and Avery. After that, I took her and the twins to the store to get some things, but mostly to let Lynnette have some uninterrupted sleep. Madison pushed the stroller, bagged the meats, and put the items on the conveyor belt at check out. She kept her Citizen of the Quarter alter ego on long enough for me to see it on Saturday morning and it was amazing.


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