The Twins’ Favorite Singer


Lynnette is the unanimous MVP of raising the twins, but I wanted to be sure that everyone knows that her mother, Mama Lydia, has also been an indispensable piece of the twins’ first six weeks of life.

Since I am on winter break, Mama Lydia has returned to her own home for the nights, leaving me and Lynnette to wake up every three hours with Cole and Avery. The upside of this change is that Madison sleeps in her own room again (Mama had been sleeping in her room). I can completely open the door to my own closet without stepping on my kid or having to suck in my gut because the door only opens 38-degrees before hitting her futon. Yesterday, Mama told Lynnette and I that a few nights ago she woke up startled and in a panic because she dreamed that she heard one of the twins crying. She popped up in her bed convinced that she had to help in a feeding until realizing a few moments later that she was in her own home.

Lynnette and I have simplified nicknames for her mother that we use as if from the twins’ point of view. One of these names is the “Loud Lady”, another is the “Crazy Singing Lady”. Mama Lydia earned the second name fair and square by 1) freestyling the lyrics to her own songs which rarely make sense, and 2) incorrectly identifying a reindeer ornament as a goat and incorporating said ornament into a song which went “Reach for the goooat! Touch the goooat!” It’s hilarious. She’s great with them.

Mama Lydia came up the stairs into our living room and immediately began shouting – mostly at  Cole and Avery – proclaiming how much she’d missed them, making grand statements of love. She plucked Avery from my arms so I could each lunch. She sat Avery on her lap and started talking and singing to her. Avery’s eyes lit up. She smiled at Mama (Avery rarely smiles) and Cole – who was in Lynnette’s arms – turned his head because he heard Mama too. He smiled his dumb smile. It was really something to see. I’d imagine it’s as close to love as a six-week old can get.


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