Cole at 7 Weeks

Cole is seven weeks old today which means he’s been alive for half as long as the time Lynnette and I have spent at Kapiolani Hospital this year.

2Cole has seemingly grown into a happy boy. He smiles often and is on his best behavior from 6 in the morning until about 3 in the afternoon. During this stretch he is jovial, interactive, and generally doesn’t cry unless he’s super-hungry or his diaper is super-nasty.

When we first brought Cole and Avery home we told Madison that she could only kiss both of them on the top or back of their heads, so as to cut down the chances of sickness. Well, when that embargo was lifted a week ago, we forgot to tell Madison. When she kissed Cole on the side of the head this morning I was reminded of the embargo. “Oh, you can kiss him on the cheek now,” I said. “Really?” Mad said. Her face lit up. “Yeah, I think Cole would be cool with it,” I said. She kissed him. She jerked back and looked at me with a bewildered expression. “His cheek is so soft!” she said. This was the highlight of my day.

1There are two new developments which are worth sharing. The first is that Cole loves loves loves a fresh diaper. He never cries when he is laid down into the changing station. Though it’s halfway true that part of his joy is ambushing people with a steady stream of urine, he really just loves getting his diaper changed. He looks up at me when I slide the new diaper under his old one. When he hears the old tape being pulled off the old diaper, he sometimes does this tiny shimmy and smiles. He straightens his legs. When I am done cleaning him up, he extends both arms down at his sides. I know he can’t do this on purpose, but the end result is that he blocks me from putting the new diapers on. It’s like he doesn’t want to spa treatment to end. His whole demeanor changes when he’s got a new diaper, he’s at least 15 times happier.

On the downside, Cole can work himself up into a rage. He screams aren’t loud, but they’re soul-crushing. At their apex, his cries sound like those made by a hybrid of a cyborg and dolphin, enraged because it’s in too much water for the cyborg part but not immersed enough for the dolphin half. When Cole’s extremely angry, he does a pretty good imitation of the Nazgul screech which would be ultra-hilarious and impress-your-friends gold if it didn’t wake up Avery with 97% efficiency.


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