Madison’s Homemade Gummy Sushi

These are the kinds of things that happen when I’m not around. Lynnette and her parents took the kids out so that I could grade in peace during the last few days of winter break. During one of those trips, Lynnette and Madison purchased this:

1Since “Poppin’ Cookin'” are the only two words I can read on this box, that’s what I’m going with. Its contents include a plastic tray, water dropper, stirrer, and packets of powdered chemicals – everything you need to make your own sushi that’s actually gummy candy. None of us should be surprised. This toy/food is right up Lynnette’s and Madison’s respective alleys. Lynnette gets to pretend she’s Richard Blais or the long-lost Voltaggio sister. Madison gets to eat candy. It’s the rare win-win. I don’t want to come off like I didn’t like it, though. The actually creation process was very cool and struck the perfect balance of being interesting enough for adults but simple enough for kids to execute.

2Madison had to first make the rice. Lynnette assisted in this step because she couldn’t help herself Madison’s motor skills are not possessed of the nuance required of this particular task. Basically, you fill a little section of the tray with water, then pour in the powder. Some kind of chemical reaction happens and the result is a gummy substance which reasonably approximates the appearance of sticky rice. It’s not as good as the fake sushi in the counters as Kozo Sushi, but then again, those aren’t edible. It’s a tie, I think. There wasn’t a whole lot of rice created in the tray. When I pointed this out, Lynnette stepped in to point out and bask in my ignorance explain that the sushi pieces weren’t exactly to scale.

3“Cool! Now it’s time for the ahi and the egg!” I said. “Maguro and tamago,” Lynnette snobbishly corrected helpfully elaborated. It was the same powder-into-water process as before, but this time we were to let the gummies set. By now, maybe you’re wondering how we managed to work all of this out since everything on the box was written in Japanese. Well, it turns out that both Lynnette and Madison had already done some research on YouTube regarding this product and those like it. I would like to take this time to point out that it was me, years ago who often answered Lynnette’s questions (when I did not have the answers) with “I don’t know. Why don’t you Google it? Or better yet, YouTube it?” This advice was met with derision. When I asked Lynnette a question she didn’t have an answer to, she would reply with my answer above, but in a lower, dopier voice that I assume was an attempt to mock me. Editor’s Note: Whenever Lynnette would mimic Phil, she would omit the “I don’t know” portion of the response. This is because “I don’t know” is not something Lynnette is willing to admit unless Phil is asking her a philosophical or hypothetical question. Then she never knows. Yes, Phil could easily have written this himself, but we the editorial staff have decided to take this blow for him. We love Phil. He is a good boss.

The best part!

4In order to make the ikura, Madison dropped tiny amounts of orange powder-water into a clear tray of powder-water. The surfaces of the orange drops  solidified immediately. “Molecular gastronomy!” Lynnette cried. “Ho, jus like Richard Blais, ah?” Lynnette wen remark. Well you can see how that turned out in the video above. There is an Easter Egg at the end of this video, it’s kind of like those clips at the end of the Marvel movies and I think it reflects the respect and love Lynnette and I have for each other. Anyway, ikura is Lynnette’s favorite kind of sushi, so Madison offered the piece to her mother. It might have also been a small token of thanks for financing such an interesting dessert time.

Here is Madison putting the finishing touches on one of the ahi maguro pieces:

No, I didn’t eat any of these works of art. It made me want to devour a tray of sushi by myself. I felt that eating any of the pieces would let me down – it looked like my favorites, but I knew they would not taste or feel like my favorites. Not all was lost, however…


Lynnette sent me this picture earlier in the morning. At first, I thought Mad was simply playing with Cole. Upon further review, however, SHE WAS CHANGING HIS DIAPER. THE GAME HAS CHANGED. SOME PEOPLE WAIT A LIFETIME FOR A MOMENT LIKE THIS. AND THOUGH YOU DON’T BELIEVE THAT THEY DO, THEY DO COME TRUE. FOR DID MY DREAMS THE MOMENT I LOOKED AT YOU (changing a diaper). Apparently DIY gummy food is the best motivation for Big Sister. Thank you, Poppin’ Cookin’. Thank you.


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