Cole at 2 Months

Cole Joseph is two months old today. I thought that “CoJo” would become his default nickname by now, but I only refer to him by two other names: Cole Boy and CHUBBY BOY!


That’s a wink.

Cole is a sweet, super-chill little boy who is an absolute joy to be around during the mornings and early afternoons. I want to stop right there before I say anything else and apologize to all the people I know – and even those I don’t know – who has been confused about certain wardrobe decisions we’ve made for Cole. You see, our boy here has been growing so fast that all but three of our bibs didn’t fit him. It’s because of his muscular chin and neck. The only three that did fit him read “Heaven Sent”, “Bundle of Joy”, and “Precious Baby Girl” (we only used this one at home). They all feature pink. Lynnette bought a pack of bigger bibs and so this is no longer a problem, but for a while there it was pretty amusing. Random people would come up to us and look at the two kids in the stroller and every single conversation would unfold in the same way:

Stranger: Twins?
Lynnette and/or Phil: Yeah.
Stranger: Girl and…
Lynnette and/or Phil: Boy.
Stranger [Excited for us, but also relieved to be let off the hook]: Oh! So cute!


He’s going to be a connoisseur of interior lighting.

Because of Avery’s affinity for breast milk, I spend more time feeding Cole than his younger sister. He still looks up a me with that dopey face, but now there’s a little bit of a smirk in there too and I don’t have to tell you how happy that makes me.

The boy really does look like me, exactly as I did in my own baby pictures. Sometimes when he makes certain expressions I can see my face and sometimes even Matty’s face in his. Earlier today Lynnette openly wondered whether having a boy would mean that she’d experience her first diaper-only attired child. “Of course, that’s what it means,” I said. “What?” Lynnette said. “First it’s the diaper, then it’s behbs, then it’s me and him cruising boxers ad infinitum.” Yes, I really said that. “Oh, my God,” Lynnette said. She stared straight out at the road ahead of us. ” I never thought that far down the line,” she continued. “Why would you? It’s a virtual lock,” I said.

Cole is still a bottomless faux milk pit. He still loves a fresh diaper and this week successfully peed on both of his parents. He also enjoys tilting his head back and observing new things. He loves getting out of the house so he can check out the overhead items, especially lights. Who know? Maybe his first word will be “light”, just like it was Mad’s. Today, he did me the best favor an infant child can perform for his or her parent: he let me eat my hot restaurant meal in peace. He was satisfied with looking up at the black ceiling which must have been a great backdrop for all of those lights hanging there. Every so often I turned to look at him. His chubby legs pushed off the cushion and he made slow progress away from me every few minutes or so. “Why are you running away from me?” I asked him. I grabbed his knees and slowly pulled him back toward me. This seemed to irk him. “Fine,” I said. “If you let me eat my lunch, I’ll let you do whatever you’re doing. He kept his end of the bargain. As always, I’ll take it for however long it can last.


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