Avery at 3 Months

The baby of our family turns 3 months old today. Cole’s monthiversary always sneaks up on me, but for the obvious reason Avery’s never does.


Avery likes her jersey a little looser than Cole does.

Avery wore a scowl on her face in the first picture I ever took of her. Through the first two months of her life she maintained that scowl and the preternaturally judgmental air that came along with it. Something has changed, however, over the past month. She is now the more expressive of the two. She smiles more and appears to giggle when she’s really happy or amused. She and Cole didn’t see Lynnette and me all of Saturday night because of our Red Lobster date with Madison. Avery was sleeping by the time we got home. When I woke up for her feeding at 3 AM Lynnette was wide awake. “She’s so happy to see me!” Lynnette said. “It’s 3 o’clock,” I said, implying that no one could possibly be happy to see anyone at that insane hour. And yet when I sat down on the couch and Avery’s eyes found me, a huge smile spread across her face. She shouted an interjection and cocked her head back. “See?!” Lynnette said. She was right. It did appear as if Avery was super-stoked to see me. What’s up, Loud Man?! I haven’t seen you all night!


Is she starting to look more like a Pascua and/or Higa?

At their current rates, it looks like Avery is going to start talking before Cole. She’s got a lot to say in just about every situation:

*She’s still carrying on her love affair with the light fixtures on our ceiling. Every night she sits in her bouncer and finds the boob light. She becomes excited and rocks up and down while shouting. I can’t tell if those noises are confessions of love or obscenities. Might be both.

*Last night Lynnette put colorful socks on Avery’s feet. Once Avery caught a glimpse of them, she spent the following 15 minutes trying to keep them in sight. I put her down and instead of crying (which is her usual reaction to such a deep, deep betrayal), she repeatedly popped her feet up toward the ceiling. Whenever she saw the socks, she squealed as if she was meeting old friends for the first time in ages.

*During Avery’s 2 Month update, I wrote that Avery took a hard stance against formula as a pro-breast milk elitist. Well, I am thrilled, elated, overjoyed to tell you that she’s softened on that stance. Perhaps she finally figured out that survival is more important than fine dining. If she did, then congrats to her. She learned that lesson waaaaay before her mother did. But I digress. While she still favors breast milk over the formula, she no longer treats the latter with disdain and violent protest. In fact, she’s taken an entirely different route in her attempts to avoid formula. Now, Avery pops the nipple out of her mouth and begins cooing. She smiles forms an “O” with her mouth and makes sounds an owlet might make. Basically, she goes into full-blown Cute Mode and tries to charm her way out of the bottle. I have to admit, it really is cute. But again, even if it were to work on me, no functional boobs, remember?


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