The End of Lynnette’s Maternity Leave

Today is the last of Lynnette’s maternity leave which started two lifetimes ago in October. I asked if she would write today’s blog entry, but she said it would be too emotional for her to get through. We agreed on a compromise: I’ll ask her the questions and she’ll answer.


When they were still brand new.

Are you ready to go back to work?

What do you think you’re going to miss the most?
Spending all day with them. Going without a bra all day.

I know I’ll miss you making only half the usual laundry output. Has it hit you yet? If not, when do you think it will hit you?
When I’m sitting at my desk or I’m actually getting in my car to leave.

Other than the number of babies, is there anything different about this time period compared to when you were out with Madison?
I got to stay out longer this time around. And this time I’m leaving them. Last time you took Madison in the morning to day care, remember?

Yeah. I remember driving home and hoping that Mad would fall then stay asleep so I could have 45 minute for myself. What’s your schedule like when you get back to work?
I have half-days this week and Monday of Tuesday of next week.

Are you going to violate the speed limit on the way home?
Probably not. I’ll try not to. If I do, I won’t tell you.

How many times a day are you going to call your mom for updates?
Every hour – except for when they’re napping.

How will you know when they’re napping?
I know what time they nap.

Are you going to do that thing where you constantly look at the clock and visualize what it is they must be doing at that particular time of day?
Of course. And I’m gonna beg my mom to send me pictures.

What about Cole are you going to miss the most?
His goofy, gummy smile.

And Avery?
Our silly girl talk.

This is the first I’m hearing about this…
Nah, it’s when she looks at me and just goes “Wooo…whooo…” We talk fashion and how Madison mis-matches her clothes and stuff.

Is there anything you’re not going to miss?
Smelling like vomit all day. 

What about not knowing where your eyebrows are for days at a time?
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. They’ve been missed. They’ll be back. I’m sure they missed me.

Is there anything you want Cole and Avery to know? Something that they could read here later when they’re old enough?
It’s been a really difficult three months in terms of all the work that goes into taking care of them. But it’s not as difficult as having to leave them to go back to work.

That’s it?
*Patting Cole to sleep* Mm-hmm.


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