Madison Strikes Back!

Madison ended her goal-scoring drought today with two scores! Of course I’m going to tell you about them, but so will Madison. Her thoughts will appear in her customary pink.

1234Goal #1: Mad’s first goal might have been my favorite single performance to date. She got to the ball at mid-field, beat an opponent, then outran two more before kicking the ball. It ricocheted off the right bar into the back of the net. These photos are of that sequence, and the last is super-blurry because I had already started lowering the camera so I see if the ball went in.

I dribbled past a few people, then when I was very close to the goal, I just kicked it in. Other boys tried to get the ball, but I dodged them. This is the first time we’ve won this season.

She’d been in a funk for the past two or three games. She wasn’t being aggressive on the ball and looked to kick it away when she did get it. I talked to her about it a few times over the week, but she’s the one that got out there and made the adjustment. I let the camera dangle from around my neck and pumped both fists. I might have won the “Uncoolest Dad” trophy for the day.

Goal #2: Mad’s second goal came off a corner kick deflection.

I think Goal #2 was a bit more interesting than Goal #1. I ran very fast to the goal because someone else on my team was dribbling the ball, but as it ran away there was a player from the other team right next to it, so I snuck behind and sticked my leg out and kicked it in the goal before the other player could kick it away.

You get all that? Me neither. Mad’s teammate drilled a corner kick toward the area right in front of the goal. One of the 18 legs that didn’t belong to Madison then kicked the ball off of another of those 18 legs and the deflection rolled right in front of the goal. I couldn’t get the camera or my phone up quick enough. Mad’s right about the last part, though, the deflection rolled right to her. It was a great play because she didn’t stop the ball and set up before kicking. She just reacted.

This was the first game Cole and Avery attended this season. The Higa in me has already started plotting to make sure they are at every single one of Mad’s remaining games.


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