Update on the Twins: Necks and Hands

I am absolutely swamped at work but I just ate a Taco Del Mar burrito and some slow-cooked ham, so I think I can pump out a quick update on the twins. Was I the kind of guy who celebrated month-i-versaries with his girlfriends by writing brightly-colored and intricately designed letters and putting together painstakingly thought out collages and burning CD “mixtapes” filled with pirated MP3s and blowing through my work study money by buying phone cards before the advent of cellular telephones? Of course not. But like many people, we celebrate month-i-versaries for our kids. Madison is 95 months old! The twins are almost 4 months old! But they’re growing so much that it’s hard to keep track of their development in monthly posts. So consider this a Cole and Avery bonus.

1Cole is attends physical therapy twice a week. From birth he seemed to favor turning his head to the right side. He seldom turned to the left and when it he did there was an obvious limit to the range of motion in that direction. This is likely the result of sharing the womb with Avery, who no doubt took up as much space as she possibly could. There are several concerns with Cole’s neck: he could do permanent damage to his neck and spine, his head could become misshapen, his vision could be affected, and other parts of his body could develop incorrectly to compensate.

According to Lynnette, Cole’s been a champ at his therapy sessions. He makes it through most of his exercises without complaint. His overall range is improving and his head no longer twists in insane angles while he sits in his car seat. But he literally just broke out in a rash. Unreal.

2Avery’s motor skills appear to be advancing at a quicker rate than Cole’s. She’s in the process of learning to roll. She can make it as far as her side, then she spends a few minutes rocking back and forth before shouting what I assume are the equivalent of infant obscenities.

Avery also loves playing with her hands. She fiddles with them all the time. Tonight while I was eating dinner Avery twice made horrible gagging sounds. “What was that?” I asked Lynnette after the second heave. “She has her fist in her mouth,” Lynnette said. “Oh,” I said. But Avery’s favorite use of her improved coordination is playing Fetch. Lynnette or Madison or I put her pacifier in her mouth when we’re trying to coax her to sleep. It looks, initially, as if Avery is thrilled to be pacified. Soon after, however, she utilizes those fine motor skills to pull the pacifier from her mouth. Then she shouts at us to fetch it for her and return it to her lips. It goes on this way until she falls asleep.

And since we’re celebrating month-i-versaries, I want to give throw a Happy Month-i-versary shout out to the Ice Age which is in its 5th month! I’m going to celebrate with a cold shower.


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