Madison’s Second Season Finale

I kept the camera up.

1234Madison finished her second i9 soccer season by extending her goal-scoring streak to three games. She found the net early in the game and both sets of grand-parents and her Uncle Paul were there to witness it.

We just signed up for her third season which should start in early April. Her play over the last three weeks leads me to believe that she’ll stick soccer out a little longer. I can see that she’s getting better and I think she can see it, too. She doesn’t hesitate nearly as much as she did earlier in the season. When she’s open in space she just straight-up tries to out run everyone else. When she’s dribbling through traffic she’s got a confidence now – an audacity – that wasn’t there a month ago. I don’t think she believed she could dribble past or around or through defenders. Then she tried it. Today, she made a nice pass to a teammate open ahead of her. I can’t lie. These past three games have been an amazing experience for me.

When Madison brings home good grades, we celebrate. The high-five and get snacks and maybe 15 minutes get tacked on to her bed time. But it’s all over by the time the score comes home to us. I’m looking at a result, not a process. That’s why I’ve enjoyed Madison’s emergence so much. Watching your kid struggle, figure things out, then succeed in real time is just about as good as it gets.

5A friend suggested that we start looking toward AYSO next, to see if Madison really has an interest and aptitude for the game. He’s right. The only way you find out how good you are, the only way you get better is by competing against the best. If she decides it’s not for her? Then we exhausted all of the possibilities. I will always be grateful she gave soccer a try for me. We’ll always have the Spring of 2016.

Madison #8,
Congratulations on another great season! Your mom and dad had so much fun watching you play.The twins are so happy that they’re finally old enough to make it to the park to watch you, too. We hope that you will continue to work hard toward becoming the best athlete you can be!

Love From Your Biggest Fans,
Mom and Dad


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