Spring Break 2016: Shut-in Squad

Spring Break started with a full-blown fiasco. The plan was to spend the morning running a few errands at the Town Center, then find a playground in Mililani for Madison before heading back to Mauka for lunch. We made it to Walmart for face soap and some Spring Break Essentials before Avery threw up all over the plan.


Spring Break Breakfast and Lunch

We got as far as the new cereal and a 5-pack of mac and cheese. City Mill and a new stairway light were next on the agenda when Avery threw up all over herself in the stroller. Neither Madison nor I saw it happen, but Madison did see the white river of yuck drip from the bottom of Avery’s car seat down to the storage area below. “Look down here, dad!” Madison said, leaning over and pointing out the damage. I guess she got a little too close because she stood up, looked me in the eye, and gagged. I admit that I laughed. Madison didn’t find any of it funny, especially when I told her our playground plans had changed.


Spring Break Squad.

We got home and I spent 30 minutes cleaning out Avery’s seat. I refused to let the day be a waste so I vacuumed and mopped while the kids were awake and preoccupied with their toys or that Higa Family savior, Mr. Musical Turtle.  I was able to run a couple of loads of laundry, put some of it away, and file our taxes. I also solved the mystery of Lynnette’s missing hands-free nursing bra (It was in my shorts drawer; upon its discovery I wore it into the living room like a championship belt.) Now I’m writing this recap while watching Deep Impact on tv. It didn’t go as planned, but that’s a pretty decent way to start the break.


Pokemon time!

I’m so impressed by Madison’s willingness to help with the twins. She does everything that doesn’t involve diapers or vomit. She reads to them, sings to them, feeds them, burps them, and coaches them through the beginning stages of rolling over and crawling. “You can do it, Cole!” she says. “Go, Avery, go!” she says. She loves the twins and the twins love her. When Madison speaks, she has their full attention. When she moves, their eyes track her.

But during that rare slice of heaven when both Cole and Avery were asleep, Madison and I plopped down on the couch for Pokemon time. She’s finally figured out how to move through her Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I’m slogging through Pokemon Y. Yes, again.

Mad and I will take Cole to his physical therapy tomorrow and I don’t know what will happen after that. Hopefully we’ll find Mad a playground and a little more Pokemon time.

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