Madison’s Incredibly Lucky Saturday

Madison had quite the string of good luck today. I hope she enjoyed it because the rest of us already know that days like this don’t come around very often.

12Our Saturday started with visits to two playgrounds we had seen before but never actually got to play on.

The playground at Salt Lake District Park has been renovated and refurbished since we last saw it. It’s still got two broken slides, but the rest of the set it solid. Lots of climbing and also Madison’s personal kryptonite: monkey bars. She gave all the bar sets a try, but fell back into her comfortable excuse of “sweaty hands”. Though, to be fair, she does have sweaty hands.

She preferred the playground at Salt Lake Elementary. Her eyes lit up when she saw a sprawling structure with different textures and surfaces for climbing. It ran along a padded surface. “Look, Mad, you could go all the way around it without ever touching the ground,” I said. “Yeah,” she said. “Do you know what this is?” I asked. “Yeah, it’s a course,” she said. So with that, my American Ninja Warrior took off. She didn’t make it on her first attempt around the structure, but managed to make it all the way around on her second try. She’s a really solid climber so long as she doesn’t have to get higher than four feet off the ground.

34We made it to Target in time for the Pokemon 20 event. Mad scooped up a cool Pikachu hat which was impossible for her wear and maintain the ability to see. She was most excited to measure her own height here. She was stunned that Pikachu and Hawlucha were both so short. “I guess that’s why Pikachu can sit on Ash’s shoulders all the time,” I said. “Yeah, Pikachu is almost the same size as Abby!” she replied. It’s at the point where I would quit my job and pull Madison out of school so we could be full-time Pokemon trainers if they existed. It wouldn’t even matter what Lynnette would say. I would just do it. Put Cole and Avery in their own Poke Balls, then take off while Lynnette makes the bread and bacon and brings them home. This is my dream.

Lynnette was craving Aloha Sub two nights ago so we finally went there today. Madison wasn’t thrilled with this lunch choice, but she had eaten a sandwich there before. Well, the Aiea store doesn’t make kid-sized sammys. When I informed Madison of this inconvenience, her eyes disappeared under the weight of her smile. “So what do you want?” I asked. “Well, there’s a McDonald’s right over there,” she said. So I walked across the lot and picked up her beloved 6-piecer. “You’re so lucky,” I said. She laughed mid-chew.

Her magic touch has not yet run out. Lynnette made tacos for dinner. She’s watching Fuller House right now and laughing unironically. Just an unreal stretch for her.

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