Update on the Twins: Cole Can Roll Too!

Cole knew it was only a matter of time, even if we didn’t.


The Real Rock ‘N Rolla!

Cole’s been in physical therapy for a few weeks now. I went to my first session last week and was proud of how hard he worked. He’s got a condition called torticollis which is basically asymmetrical neck alignment. It is common in twins and in this case is the likely outcome of Lynnette being so petite and Avery sitting on Cole’s head in the womb. The neck in and of itself isn’t the worry, it’s more that he’ll stall developmentally or incorrectly compensate for the condition. He favored his right side very soon after he was born and we’ve been trying to even it out ever since.

Right now Cole is working on reaching things with his left arm. He’s been using his left arm and shoulder to stabilize his head and upper body so it’s prevented him from reaching and grabbing with his left hand. I saw him work through his grunts of frustration and his tendency to exclusively use his right hand. His therapist told us to work on Cole’s rolling. Over the weekend, he started rolling on his own! It was pretty damn exciting. He’s been so behind Avery. A few weeks ago he couldn’t even lift his head while on his tummy. Now, this:

Random Evolution: As you know, I called Avery “Murray” from a very young age. Well, she’s grown out of it. She’s no longer Murray. But Murray still exists because Cole and Avery love Murray’s voice. No matter what they’re doing, if I break out the Murray voice, they’ll stop and smile. I wish I had a trick like this that worked on the ladies back in the day. But anyway… HEY, GUYS! IT’S MURRAY!


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