The Twins’ First Beach Day

I woke up yesterday with grand plans in mind. A single look out the window alerted me to the gloriousness awaiting us. “Let’s go to the North Shore!” I said. Regrettably, hundreds of other people must have said the exact same thing when they got up yesterday. We made it just past Haleiwa before hitting the standstill. We sat there for a few minutes. Then –  all at once – three cars about a quarter-mile ahead of us just broke out u-turns. That was all I needed to see. Who knows how long they’d been waiting?

Plan B called for us to look for some decent shore break for Madison so we tried Ali’i Beach Park. I think Madison would have been fine in the water there, but there were no trees along the shore for Lynnette and me to hide in with the twins. We resorted to Plan C which was a drive in the opposite direction toward Waialua.

123The twins aren’t allowed to wear sunscreen until they’re 6 months old so we spent our outdoors time in the shade of trees. I think Cole and Avery love being outside. Avery especially seems to enjoy tracking the subtle swaying of the leaves against the azure backdrop. Cole appears to most enjoy a nice breeze blowing right into his face. His eyes close, his lips form a smile, and he shakes his chubby body, though I suppose that could just be a pee-pee shiver.

The four of us sat near the playground as Madison rode the swing and explored the relatively new playground at Aweoweo Beach Park. Eventually, we moved a little closer to the beach. Madison was the only one of us to actually get into the water yesterday and the lack of playmates did not seem to bother her in the least. As I sat with Avery in my lap I watched Madison with jealous eyes. How incredible must that water have felt? Yesterday was great. I can’t wait until we can actually slather lotion on them and take them into the water. One more quarter!

Tangent: On our way out to the North Shore, Lynnette remarked that it might be time for our family to invest in one of those wagons sold at Costco and other places. It’s got those big rubber tires so as to move across unpaved surfaces. I’m sure you’ve seen it; if you’ve got kids, there’s a chance you own one. Well, I don’t disagree with Lynnette’s statement, but I am fearful for what such a purchase might mean down the line. Our home and our Highlander barely fit all of us and our stuff now. Something like that wagon would seem to make owning a van a prerequisite. We just bought the Highlander. I’m not buying a van when it’s my turn to get a new car. By the way, feel free to throw this post in my face 5 years from now when I’m the proud new owner of a Sienna. You’ll spot us on the road easily – just look for the Mets, Cowboys, and LMU stickers on it.


4My life’s work is making sure Lynnette gets whatever she wants. It’s not glamorous or even that much fun. It doesn’t pay well, though I suppose it pays better than my actual job, so…

Well, Lynnette has wanted a Kate Spade diaper bag since before she had children. I assume it’s something women do, right up there with mentally plan their weddings from the age of 15 – they fantasize over which diaper bag they’re going to buy when they have a kid. We bought a Skip Hop bag when Madison was born. We bought a Skip Hop bag again when Cole and Avery were born. But it broke. Babies R Us was nice enough to replace it for us. But the second one broke too. This is all the opening Lynnette needed. “IwannagetaKateSpadediaperbag” she said on our way home from the beach. “What?” I said. “Whaaaaaaaaaaat?” she said. We are less mature now than we were when we were just balls of hormones that couldn’t keep our grubby paws off each other. “You want a Kate Spade diaper bag?” I repeated. “Nah, nah, nah,” Lynnette said. Translation: Yes, you dolt. But it is the kind of financial commitment I cannot make on my own. So I have thrown it out there in this coy fashion so that you will A) know I desire this thing, and B) eventually decide that it is in your best interest to co-sign on this purchase because A) you like to make me happy, and B) I will not stop talking about it otherwise. 

My wife is now the new owner of a Kate Spade diaper bag. Does anyone want to start a pool on when we’re getting a wagon with those big rubber wheels so as to move across unpaved surfaces?


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