An April Fool’s Treat

I took a video of Cole back in February and it is hilarious. I have not posted it online, however, because without any kind of explanation, the sequence captured appears kind of mean. I used the video in my lecture yesterday as part of an illustration of how we think about karma – or “bachi”. Immediately after I shot this video, I stepped on Abby’s deer antler and it really hurt. I unfurled a series of swear words. “Good for you,” Lynnette said. The short version is that there is often a flaw in the way we define the relationship between events.


Abby only sleeps with Cole.

I’m going to post the video here, but only after I explain everything:


  1. Some time ago, Lynnette and I noticed that Cole’s face melts in the few moments before he actually starts crying. I lack the words to explain exactly what it looks like, and I realized immediately that capturing it on video would be impossible; it would require me to know exactly when he was about to cry.
  2. Of all the things I call Cole, his actual name is very low on the list. I call him “boy”, “my boy,” “son”, “Phil Jr.”, and most frequently, “Chubby Boy”. When I say “Chubby Boy”, it is always with the same tone and inflection – loudly, with a lower pitch, somewhat gravelly, and if I had to type it out, it would look something like this: CHUBBY BOOOOOOOOOOY!
  3. My original intention in taking this video was to capture his candid behavior. But, for the first 15 seconds or so, he didn’t do anything. To fill the space, I called him Chubby Boy.
  4. Loud, random noises startle Cole easily. Much more easily, it seems, than they do Avery.
  5. I made him cry. Obviously – as you will see – it’s because he was startled. But when Lynnette watched it, she said he cried because I teased him. “I didn’t tease him, that’s his name,” I said. “His name is Cole,” she said. Legally, she’s right.
  6. I have resisted sharing this video because it does kind of look like Lynnette is right. Also, I felt guilty about it.
  7. But I inadvertently caught Cole’s face melt.
  8. And tragedy plus time equals comedy.
  9. Also, today is April Fool’s Day.
  10. So, I hope you don’t think I’m a horrible person/father. I’m actually not terrible and can border on good/decent.
  11. I apologize out loud to the computer or my phone whenever I watch it. But only after I laugh.


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