Cole at 5 Months


Lynnette: Coler Bear, Handsome, My Handsome Boy
Madison: Fat Taffy (because “he’s soft and squishy, like taffy”), Cole Boy, Blubber Buddy, Chubby Lumps
Phil: Chubby Boy!


Not quite a selfie.

Though five months Cole’s managed to hold onto his affable personality. His face lights up when he sees or hears people he recognizes. He gets visibly excited when he’s about to be given a fresh diaper. He smiles broadly when he can anticipate the various parts of games we play with him such as having a burp cloth gently placed over his face, then removed. He loves tracking the trajectory of my finger towards his face as I whistle the sound of a descending missile. Lynnette calls him “jolly” and “sweet” and a bunch of other synonyms that might also apply to Santa Claus.



Cole’s neck strength and posture are steadily improving and in truth the single biggest crisis in his life is his current hair situation. Cole’s hair is thickest on either side of his head, but only just above the ears as pictured here. It looks like a dog’s ear. I’ve stopped giving him a side comb because when I do, there’s a somewhat thinner patch of hair at the top of his head – toward the back – that connects to the dog ear on the right side of his head. This makes the whole thing look like one long, strip of hair that might be considered done on purpose – except it’s so absurd that after you’ve nearly convinced yourself that Lynnette and me are the kind of people that would willfully do this to our child, you say “There’s just no ******* way.”



The most humorous recent development is the fact that Cole has located his penis or – as our family calls it and its two best friends – peanuts. Lynnette told me that as soon as she places Cole in the tub in for a shower, he goes right to good old peanuts. “Watch,” she said two nights ago. She sprayed the water over his chest and his left hand moved away from his crotch. He soaked in the warmth of the water. “Watch-watch-watch-watch,” Lynnette said again. She pulled the shower head away and Cole’s hand went right back to the peanuts. “You cute boy! You’re just like daddy!” Lynnette said as she continued to bath him. I don’t even know what the hell that’s supposed to mean.



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