Avery at 5 Months


Lynnette: Avie, Avie Styles (YES!)
Madison: Avery Beluga, Murray
Phil: Gravie, PITA Girl


She zoomed in on her own!

It’s a little hard to write about Avery today because she’s been sick all weekend. She had a fever on Friday and Saturday. Just this afternoon she projectile vomited with such force and volume that it reminded me of my own college days. She was such a sport to wear her Mets jersey without throwing up on it! But I digress. She’s slowly coming out of it and looking like herself again – that silly grin, the excited noise making – we all just hope she gets well soon so we don’t have to listen to her take it out on the rest of us for much longer. Get well soon, Gravie Boat!


Please, please, please let her be a self-soother.

I’m not sure if I ever mentioned this before, but a couple of months ago, Avery was all about her pacifier. She was much more adept than Cole at keeping it in her mouth. As time went on, she figured out how to pick it up and pop it in her mouth, which is something Cole’s only recently started to get good at. But now? Avery hates her binky! Any and all of them! It’s like she knows what we’re trying to do to her when we stick that thing into her shouting mouth. You dummies! I’m not going to sleep! That would provide you humans with the opportunity to get things done and even do whatever you want! That goes against everything I stand for! she seems to say while spitting out her binky in favor of irate screaming. The funny thing is that on those rare occasions when she does take a nap, she does it without the pacifier. But, in true Avery fashion, she finally settles down for a nap a mere 15 minutes before she’s set to eat again. Typical for the Humbug.


Nom, mom?

Avery still very much loves to be toted around. If its meal time for the three oldest members of our family and Avery is awake, she’ll make noises until one of the adults sweeps her out of her bouncer and plops her down at the dinner table. She’s so funny once she gets there. She makes eye contact with the other two people at the table, then squirms around in a dance of happiness. She simply loves being around us, and she loves Madison especially. If we’re not careful, she’ll make rogue swipes at our food or crumple our napkins with her tiny fingers.

Lynnette insists that Avery looks the way she did back in the day, but I don’t see it. In fact, I keep holding out hope that some kind of physical trait of Avery’s will manifest itself, a trait that I would indisputably be able to call mine. It hasn’t arrived yet. Lynnette insists on an ear notch and crooked pinkies, but 1) Lynnette is a classic, world-famous self-talk-into-er, and 2) I don’t see it. Don’t worry, Avie, you have plenty of time.

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