Lynnette Turns Babyface

An absolutely true story:

I was waiting to feed Cole for the last time of the night.It was Monday, April 4th, so two weeks ago. WWE Raw was on and I was waiting for AJ Styles to show up. At some point that night, I checked to see if the WWE had any dates for Hawaii scheduled. I only got back into wrestling when CM Punk blew up. My interest has been off-and-on since then, but I subscribe to the Network and I try to catch Raw on the internet because I can’t stay up past 10. This was the first time in years that I had even bothered to look at the event calendar. I learned two things: no, they weren’t coming, and it had been almost 7 years since the last time the company put on a show at the Blaisdell. I went to bed pretty bummed. The very next morning, Hawaii News Now ran a story breaking the news that the WWE would return to Oahu in June. I still can’t believe how that played out.


F-F-F-F-Fo’ lyfe – except AJ Styles.

The last live wrestling event I attended was a WCW house show during my freshman year of college. It was at the Great Western Forum. I remember two things distinctly:

  1. Billy Kidman nailed the shooting star press.
  2. People sprinted out of the arena during immediately following the finish of the last match – to avoid parking lot traffic, I think.

This morning I bought tickets to the WWE show at the Blaisdell. Lynnette, Madison, and I will be on the floor. Yes, it cost a bunch of money. No, it won’t quite be seeing the Mets at Shea back in ’06. But still. It’s one more thing to cross off, you know?

I still can’t believe we’re going to attend a WWE live show, but somehow, that’s not the biggest surprise of the day. Lynnette got caught up in the hype. She did a full 180 on wrestling.

Whenever I watch Raw or a pay-per-view (we haven’t come up with another name for the yet?) and I try to fill Lynnette in on what’s happening, she replies with a sarcastic “Oh, yeah?” She hates professional wrestling. She blames it on her college boyfriend and his friends for making all the girls watch WWF and WCW while they lived together. It was during the height of the Monday Night Wars. It’s hard to blame him or them, really. Anyway, she’s been mocking me ever since I got back into it. When my friends turned me on to the stuff going on in New Japan, I was excited to tell her about Bullet Club (NWO-adjace), but she would pull the “Ooooh, Bullet Club, my bad…” every time. I give credit where credit is due: Lynnette knows how to push my buttons.

Originally, I planned to take Madison to the show. It wasn’t until a few days ago that Lynnette said she might like to come along. “Really?” I said. “Yeah,” she said. “But you hate wrestling,” I said. “Yeah, but it’ll be fun to go with you guys,” she said. When I text messaged her this morning and told her that we got tickets – and where they were – she got excited. This was a surprise. I was absolutely floored when she asked if she could get an AJ Styles shirt. I replied with my customary HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. “I’m serious,” she wrote back. It was a full-on babyface turn.


“I have lots of shirts, dad, but I don’t have a unicorn horn.” -Madison Higa

So this happened. I don’t know how all of this happened, and I don’t know why, but I’m so stoked, in a way that rarely happens for me. “Do you like AJ Styles?” I asked Lynnette seconds before making the order. “Yeah, I do,” she said. “Why?” I asked. “Because he has sexy moves in the ring…just imagine what he could do in bed,” she said. I think she meant for these words to irk me, but she didn’t know two things: 1) I agreed instantly, and 2) I was too happy to care.


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