Mad’s Oyster Taste Test

I’ve been sick for the past two days and Lynnette let me off the hook last night. She fed both Cole and Avery at 9 PM so I could sleep. Since Cole’s also sick, he didn’t sleep much. Neither did Lynnette. In order to show my appreciation, I picked up steak and oysters for dinner. I cooked them (though Lynnette did need to help when the steak juices dripped of the counter and onto the floor, creating a meat juice waterfall that Abby was all too happy to drink of. I didn’t notice meat juice nirvana immediately, so this might have been one of the best days of Abby’s life. She had meat juice on her head. She literally bathed herself in it.) and did the dishes by loading the dishes into the dishwasher, then telling it what to do. I tried to give Lynnette a break.

Madison was interested in helping me with dinner, and she helped me make the mac and cheese. When she saw the oysters come out of the oven, she was curious. “Are there going to be pearls in there?” she asked. Lynnette and I were non-committal. “Well, I’ve never seen one in any of my oysters,” I said. “I had one once, but it didn’t look like a pearl. I think you have to polish them so they’re round and shiny,” Lynnette said. We were trying to slightly deflate Mad’s expectations. “Wait!” she shouted before running to the computer.

1I was still in the kitchen so I didn’t see what Madison did until after dinner. She ran the Google search above and appears to have found no answers. She didn’t find any pearls tonight, either. Madison is hilarious. Google is her personal portal to her fantasies of the outside world. She Googles waterparks, slip-n-slides, roller coasters. I should have known that she’d consult her chief adviser in regards to finding pearls in oysters when she wasn’t satisfied with the answers from her parents.

Anyway, Madison is a picky eater and reticent to try new foods by nature. She likes what she likes and she’s discovered what she likes mostly by accident. Still, she liked the meat taco we essentially forced her to eat last month. Tonight, I tried to get her to try an oyster.

“Hey, Mad?”
“You think you might want to try an oyster with dinner tonight?”
“I’ll pay you a dollar.”
“Two dollars?”
“What about an 8:15 bedtime?”
*sighs* “You wanna make this hard, yeah?”
“Okay, I’ll try one.”

I wish all new discoveries only cost 15 minutes.



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