The Twins’ First Blaisdell Event

Since this is the weekend before Mother’s Day, one of those mega-craft fairs popped up at the Blaisdell Convention Hall this weekend. Since once of those mega-craft fairs popped up at the Blaisdell Convention Hall and I am married to Lynnette, I went.

4I don’t think we ever expect to find a lot at these events, but I know exactly what Madison and Lynnette are looking for: snacks. I forbid them from picking up anything today because the snack shelf in our pantry is overflowing. We managed to find a few small things for the house, but the undisputed highlight of the day came courtesy of this macot-esque bee. I asked Madison if she wanted to take a picture with it and she said that she did. She wanted Cole and Avery to be in the picture too. So I set up the stroller and walked back to take the picture. You see that mouth making the curious expression? That small hole represents the entire scope of the person’s vision. When I lifted my phone to take this picture, one of the girls working with the bee said something like “Shaka, bee-man!” The bee lifted his right arm and cracked Madison in the side of her head. We all started laughing –  even Madison, who thought it was hilarious. So when I finally snapped this picture, I laughed even harder because the bee looks so worried and regretful.

21In addition to watching Madison get back-handed by the bee, I had a lot of time to talk to (and take pictures of) Cole and Avery. When Lynnette and Madison go in on snack samples, it can take some time before they return, so it was just me and the twins in the open nooks between the aisles of the craft fair. I told them that WWE Payback was on today and asked if either or both of them would be interested showing off their Bullet Club hand signs. Only Cole obliged.

I took a bunch of pictures while deserted in the convention hall and I am really proud of these particular images. I think they both catch Cole and Avery in the middle of revealing their personalities. Cole really is a sweet kid and he loves to smile and laugh. He likes kicking both his legs at the same time the best, though. It’s his primary mode of communication, even more so than crying. I’ll try to get some footage of it for his 6 month update. Avery constantly looks for things that she can gnaw on. Her favorite non-edible snacks include the foam pillar of her play mat, the nylon tag of her play mat, and any bib that she’s currently wearing. Now, this might seem strange, but I prefer this to her screaming at me, which she can do equally well.

3In something of a welcomed surprise, Madison and I were able to find Humu, our brightly colored friend who lives in the main pond between the convention hall and the arena. The past two times we went to the Blaisdell we didn’t see him. We had kind of given up on him because we’d been visiting him for years, and maybe he died or they moved him. But we saw him today, doing what he always does. Our friend Humu motors along the wall of the main corridor, swimming toward the parking lot. When he reaches the end of the pond, he turns around and speeds back toward Ward Avenue. When he reaches the end, he cozies up to the wall and swims back toward the parking lot. Madison ran along side him during one of his circuits, then chased him back toward the box office. I can’t explain what it is about seeing this fish that makes me so happy, but he just does. “Do you think he remembers us?” Madison asked. “Do  you remember him?” I asked her. “Yeah,” she said. “We’re old friends.”


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