Mothers’ Day 2016: A Bunch of Firsts

As much as I enjoyed the food from Kai Market on this day of motherly celebration, I think Cole and Avery might have enjoyed it even more.

12Lynnette cut up a few cubes of cantaloupe into even small cubes and placed them into silicon lollipop things for Cole and Avery. It took both of them a few minutes to figure out what it was that they were being encouraged to stick into their mouths – you know, since we discourage just about everything else – but once we could tell the exact moment they tasted another flavor. What must this brave new world of non-formula, non-breast milk taste like? I don’t know, but if you ask Cole, he’ll probably tell you that it’s delicious. That’s what I gathered from the growling sounds he made while chewing his cantaloupe into a fine, disgusting paste.

Avery seemed to enjoy this treat slightly less because she seemed unwilling to hold the lollipop to her mouth for the time required to get some cantaloupe out of it. Did she mind if someone held it for her? Of course not! I refused to hold it for her on principle. I’m not about to enable yet another Pascua, Pascua/Higa into the realm of high maintenanceism. I just won’t. I can’t say the same, however, for Avery’s grandparents, aunts, and uncles. The PITA Girl was in her own personal version of heaven as someone toted her around or carried her for the entire duration of brunch except for that brief 20 minutes during which she took a nap. These kids are living the life, I tell you.



After brunch we took a brief rest before heading out to the pool. “I need to digest,” Madison said on the way home from Waikiki. “I need to trigest – quadgest,” I said. “What’s that?” Madison asked. “Your dad ate too much,” Lynnette said. “Oh,” Madison said. “But we’re still going to the pool, right?” she added.

Cole and Avery appeared to enjoy themselves at the pool. We were in the water for almost 30 minutes before they looked like they had their fills. Cole figured out that if he moved his arm quickly in the direction of the water, he could splash said water into the faces of his parents. Sadly, he also learned that said water would fly into his own face as well. He squinted through the water dripping down his face. When the water made its way down to his lips, he licked them and tasted chlorine for the first time.

Avery was a little more subdued about the whole situation. That’s not to say she didn’t like it, it’s just that she seemed content to have Lynnette or I bounce her around the pool in our arms. Again, being carried around might be her favorite thing in the world, so maybe she was merely tolerating the water. Hopefully we’ll be able to take them to the pool every weekend. Then, when summer hits, we’ll be able to take them to the beach. I already know, though, the sand is going to be a massive pain in the ass.

Anyway, Lynnette’s agreed to sit in and drop a few thoughts on Mother’s Day:

Today is the day we show our moms how much we appreciate them.  We shower them with flowers and gifts, and hopefully, if you live near each other, you get to spend time with your mom.  Today, I received the best Mother’s Day gift to date.  

This morning, Madison exclaimed that when she came home from school on Friday, she hid my Mother’s Day gifts throughout the house so that I wouldn’t find them.  She proudly explained that she hid one in her closet and another one in the corner where we store our soft drinks.  Out of a gift bag that Madison decorated herself, I pulled out a bookmark made out of recycled paper and a pen holder  which looks like a rose growing out of a little pot.  She added that even though she was absent from school on the days her classmates worked on their Mother’s Day gifts, she was able to finish hers in one day. Over the past week, Madison’s class has been learning the skill of writing a letter.  Today I was the lucky recipient of a letter that Madison wrote.

In this letter, Madison explained why I am special to her.  “You are caring…You make sure that the family is safe where we are… You put medicine and band-aids on me when I get hurt… You are helpful… You helped me catch fish at the reef walk… You work hard…”  When I read Madison’s letter, I teared up.   

A mom’s life is busy.  There are lunches to pack, baths to give, homework to check, dinners to cook. Especially since the twins were born, I don’t think about why I do these things every day, I don’t have the time to… I just do them.  Its easy to get caught up in the daily routine and tasks that need to be completed that sometimes you don’t even get a moment to yourself.  I never knew this until I became a mom myself.

When I read Madison’s letter I understood that it was to thank me for all the little things.  The little things that I  don’t really think about on a day-to-day basis.  In her letter it was obvious that these little things really mean a lot to her.

So to all you mothers out there: Please try to remember that the little things make a big difference in your child’s life.  Not just today, but every day.  Thank you for being mom. 





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