Congratulations Geno & Shannon!


SUPER relaxed.

This is Geno. We met in the 7th grade.  Twenty-four years later, he remains one of my very best friends. He got married yesterday.

If I tried to put into words everything Geno means to me, two things would happen. First, this entry would unfurl into a 30,000-word list of memories, crude jokes, in-jokes, and crude in-jokes. Second, I would cry. No one wants either of those two scenarios to play out, so I’ll take a short cut.

I didn’t think of things in the following  way until yesterday when Geno and his new wife Shannon stood in the center of Our Lady of Good Council Church, the same church (and school) Geno and I attended together all those many years ago. Basically, Geno and I have been together for so long that we’ve experienced, endured, and outlasted all of each other’s past romantic relationships – more or less since the age of 12. We’ve celebrated together during the good times and helped each other along during the bad ones. Some the very best conversations we’ve ever had took place in dimly lit garages and centered on love, both found and lost.


It was a beautiful day, one worthy of their love.

When we find out our friends or family members are engaged to be married, FINALLY! we sometimes say. I thought the same thing when Geno and Shannon got engaged, but not because IT’S ABOUT TIME! Rather, I was so happy for my friend, elated that he had found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with. We trudge on through the low periods of our lives without the promise of an equal or greater number of heights. I am grateful that Geno experienced one yesterday and happy that I was there to see it.

Congratulations! The entire day was an epic, wonderful time. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as my family did. I want to thank you for being a positive force in Geno’s life. I don’t think that it’s simply a coincidence that so many good things have happened for and to him since he met you. Thank you for letting my family share your special day with you.

It’s so hard to remember everything. Time has done a number on my memory. But I know this: my life changed when you showed up at OLGC for the start of the 7th grade. You’re such a significant piece of my life that it is impossible to even hypothetically imagine it without you.I’m so happy that you’ve found the love of your life, a great woman who challenges and completes you. I love you.

I wish you two the best in this brave new world together, and a whole lot more of this:


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