The Twins’ First Real* Beach Day

*This doesn’t really count.


Obviously, the fact that Cole and Avery actually touched the sand and got into the ocean makes today their first official beach day. Despite the cloudy skies, we had fun, no one fainted, only one of the twins ate sand, and we got Sushi Bay afterwards, so it was an unmitigated success!



With a selfie stick and another adult around, I was stoked to finally get into some of the family pictures. Don’t let these staid facial expressions fool you! Avery and Cole had a wonderful time at the beach. Mad was the first one in the water and she announced to us that it was cold. It had been overcast all day and I thought this might be the case. “You got your sister, then?” Lynnette asked of Madison once the outer half of one of the former’s big toes decided the temperature of the water was too brisk for her tastes. Translated for those of you who are not married to Lynnette: I’m not getting in that. I told Lynnette “clutch up” but perhaps not in such mild language. She contorted her face in a strange but comical manner, but then got waist-deep into the water. So that was a win.


I bought one of those folding wagons from Costco on Friday, so I guess there really is no more fighting it: I am a total family man. My mother purchased a Scion XB about a week before we bought the van and this is now the first time in my life that my mom has a cooler car than I do. This would be a crushing blow to the ego and my man card if I had any semblance of either remaining.

Today, we packed:

One folding tent.
One drink cooler.
Seven beach towels.
One Kate Spade diaper bag filled to the brim with necessities and just-in-cases.
Two baby floats.
One GoPro and selfie stick.
One bag of beach toys.
One beach blanket.

Today, I learned:

Having a van isn’t sexy, but it’s so spacious that it obvious tough what-stays-what-goes decision-making.
This wagon from Costco will soar up my personal Best Friend rankings.
Cole and Avery like the beach!
There is no way Madison and I can take the twins to the beach by ourselves.
There is $6 parking near the turtle lagoon at Ko’olina.
If you call Sushi Bay with your order from the Ko’olina parking lot, then take your wife to get a bubble tea at Hula Shake, then head over to Sushi Bay and wait in line to pay – your order will have juuuust been completed.
Taking Cole and Avery to the beach doesn’t guarantee that they’ll be exhausted that night.



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