The Aulani Puggy

We sat in the shadow of the Aulani this weekend as the twins made their first trip to the beach. We drove past the distinct buildings on our way out of the the area. “Can we stay at Aulani on day?” Madison asked from the back seat of the van. Lynnette and I made several inarticulate noises culminating in one or both of us saying something along the lines of “It’s really, really expensive.” “How much is it?” Madison asked because of course she did. “I think it’s over $500,” I said. “Five hundred?” Mad repeated. “C’mon, dad,” Lynnette said in a tone which was an obvious parody of Madison’s voice. “That’s only 5 of the one hundred dollar bills,” she said. “Yeah, dad,” Madison said. She’s pretty good at math, but not so much at sarcasm.

3I told Madison that we could start an Aulani Jar. It’s exactly like a swear jar except that money goes in for good reasons and swearing doesn’t really factor in at all. Shoot. It’s not really anything like a swear jar, is it? Well. I told Madison that She could contribute some of her weekly allowance to the jar, and that I’d toss in a dollar for every 3 pages she correctly answered in her summer workbook.

We collected change from around the house and as of this moment, the Aulani Kickstarter campaign is up to $75 and change. When Madison saw the total on the Coinstar machine display her eyes bugged out of her head.

This jar is referred to as a “puggy” because that’s what all the plastic containers that hold money are called – especially if they’re set up in the kitchen. Lynnette and Madison referred to the original Puggy by this name and I never really questioned it. The second Puggy to show up in the kitchen was a small plastic bear piggy bank that’s exclusively for Madison’s money. Then, just this week, the Aulani puggy joined the club. So, if you’re keeping score at home, we’ve got three separate containers – the all-purpose puggy, Madison’s puggy, and the Aulani puggy – occupying counter space in our house. I know that seems insane, but it makes perfect cents to us. I’m sorry. I had to. It wrote itself.

12As a trade-off for putting you through that awful pun, I’m going to give you a couple of bonus pictures of the twins. They’re growing like weeds but they’re about 1,000,000 times more mobile. They both drag themselves around the living room at a speed that’s crossed into “inconvenient” but will arrive at “terrible” in no time, I am sure. The new thing they’re both into is propping up on their hands and knees. They rock back and forth – kind of like the way Jackson chameleons sometimes move. But Cole and Avery don’t crawl like that. Yet. The coolest part about this new physical skill is catching them in this position, then getting them to dance. It’s a pretty simple thing to do. You just have to make eye contact with them, then sing something loudly. It doesn’t even have to be a real song. They don’t know the difference.

As something of a tie-in to the section above, Lynnette and I estimated the earliest we’d be able to fill the Aulani puggy with sufficient funds is the fall. Of course, this would also directly conflict with the twins’ first birthday(s). Now, I’m not sure that we were going to chro one fat pa’ina anyways, but we gotta at lease shmall-kine celebrate ’em, ah? Yeah, that means we’re probably looking at some time near the end of winter or start or end of spring because the Holidays and spring break are peak season at the Aulani. Who knows? It might end up being the best Valentine’s Day or birthday gift I’ve ever given Lynnette, Madison, and myself. That’s the plan.

Well, you aren’t going to believe this, but as I wrote this entry, Avery decided to teach herself to crawl on her hands and knees. I’ve made the proper edits above and have a clip for you below. Unreal.




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