Avery at 7 Months

7-Month Update

Referred to as (when not called by actual name): Gravy Boat
Favorite Toy:
any chewable cloth
Favorite Hobby:
pulling herself up into a kneeling position next to the couch
Favorite Food:
Okinawan sweet potato
Sound Most Consistently Uttered: 
Favorite Method of Inconveniencing Her Father:
relentlessly – with no warning – screaming at max volume when hungry

1Just this week, Avery began pulling herself up along side taller structures like the couch, the playpen, and Madison’s stool. She gets into a kneeling position, then bounces there for a few moments. If we cheer her on or sing for her, she breaks out that vintage Avery smile, which is mainly just her lips pulled in tightly. The trend, generally, is that Avery figures out how to do physical things first, and at some point not too long after, Cole follows her lead. Avery loves being propped up next to the couch in a standing position, too. If I lean her against the couch, she makes excited noises, then uses her toes in an attempt to grab the carpet if I pull her up. When I try to sit her down, she simply keeps her legs straight. After a few failed attempts to get her into a seated position, I will give up and lay her on her back. Perhaps Avery has already mastered game theory because it is exactly at this moment that she beings screaming. I think scoop her up and prop her up against the couch – and she immediately stops crying. Checkmate.

2“Avery Money” is the name of a running joke that I’ve been making since she was born. Because I could not see any resemblance to myself in Avery – or any typically Asian features, I cooked up a hypothesis that the IVF doctors had inadvertently omitted my genetic materials from the egg which became the Gravy Boat. I called her all kind of outrageous names like “Avery Sczerbiak” and “Avery McMillain” because of her lack of Philness and Asianosity. “Avery Money” then, is the windfall I expected to receive after successfully suing the IVF doctors.

It seems we will not be seeing any of that “Avery Money” because over the last two weeks, Avery’s started to grow the most Phil Higa thing she possibly could have: a silly wing of hair on the side of her head.

“She IS my child!” I exclaimed when I saw the wing. “What?” Lynnette said. I pointed out the swath of hair three times longer than the rest of her hair. “Oh, yeah, she’s been working on that for a while. I told you she was your kid,” Lynnette finished. She picked up Avery and started to fake cry. “Awww… boo-hoo… no Avery Money for daddy…boo-hoo…daddy still gotta go work in the fall…boo-hoo.” I looked up at the two of them. “Tell daddy you’re his Gravy,” Lynnette said. Avery looked at me and ripped off one of her trademark, tight-lipped smiles. How you gonna argue with that?

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