The Twins Love Sea Life Park

Somehow, the two-and-a-half adults in our family successfully arranged for us to leave the house before 8:30 in the morning yesterday. We even had time to get coffee before heading out toward Sea Life Park. This timely preparation was probably the most impressive feat of the day.


“You cut off my ‘too sweet’ hand sign,” I said. “It doesn’t matter. The faces matter,” Lynnette said. “You’re great at a lot of things, but you’re not so good at taking pictures,” I said. Lynnette let out an exasperated sigh. This is as close to a concession as I get sometimes. “Lynnette, no one is great at everything,” I said. She growled. I stopped poking the bear.


What do they all have in common? That great smile and horrible photography skills.

Costco sells 4 admission tickets to Sea Life Park for $50. That’s when I decided I should like to make the pilgrimage out to the eastern most part of the island. Lynnette agreed and Madison was legitimately excited. I was too. I mean, my usual day consists of erecting walls to prevent the twins from crawling into unsanctioned areas of our home, then watching Cole and Avery figure out a way past those walls like the frickin’ raptors in Jurassic Park, so Sea Life Park starts looking like Disney World after a while.

I suppose Cole and Avery were tired of the walls of our home, the signage at Walmart, Costco, and Target, too. They seemed happy to be any place other than the places we frequent. The twins love looking at leaves moving against the sky, so they were pretty much in heaven.

“Do you want to get splashed by the dolphins?” I asked Madison when we arrived at the park. “Yeah, it’s kind of hot,” she said. It was 9:30 in the morning. It wasn’t hot. But this is how Madison speaks now, constantly trying to justify her answers and behaviors. “Cool. Sit at the bottom of the theater during the show,” I said. “Really?” she asked. The way she said it made me feel like this was a radical suggestion which made me feel like her usual perception of me is as a stick in the mud and/or the kind of guy with that stick firmly entrenched some place else. This made me sad. I wanted to tell her to flip off the dolphins and graffiti the side of the tank to compensate. Near the end of the show, all the kids got right up to the wall of the tank and the dolphins took turns splashing them. Madison was soaked. “Eww! Dolphin water!” Lynnette said. Madison just laughed.

65I think Cole and Avery enjoyed the touch pool area of the park the best. This particular area wasn’t built the last time we were there. It’s got a few small pools and people can feed fish with lettuce leafs. Madison was pretty brave about it, holding the leaf in the water while fish nonchalantly swam up to it for nibbles. Cole and Madison tapped the shell of a baby sea turtle, too.

The main attraction for the twins was the see-through tunnel in one of the pools. Kids could walk into a small area become surrounded by the fish swimming in the tank. Even better, the tunnel was flanked by glass so the twins and Madison were easily visible from the outside – which is fantastic because I don’t think they designed the tunnel with chubby Asian fathers with disproportionately large asses.

We found out that Cole is mesmerized by fish. Lynnette couched near the tank and sat the Sun God on her knee. He silently tracked the silver fish gliding through the water. When Lynnette tried to return him to the stroller, he threw a tantrum. When she placed him back in front of his beloved fish, the whining stopped.

Lynnette and I talked about a younger version of Madison on the way out to Sea Life Park. We passed Sandy Beach and I got nostalgic. “I remember the day we went to the tide pools over there. I loved it,” I said wistfully. “Yeah…” Lynnette replied wistfully. “I miss that Madison,” I said. “The one that was super geeked-out about new things,” I said. “She still kind of is,” Lynnette said.”You know what I mean,” I said. I shot a quick glance at Mad in the rear view mirror. She was looking out the window at the ocean. “Well,” Lynnette said. “You’ve got two more right here waiting for their firsts.”


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