The Pros and Cons of a Beach Date

Mad and I had a beach date again. There were some pros and cons.

1Pro: Denny’s Breakfast. I personally like Denny’s because they feature a wide array of greasy food that tastes delicious. I also enjoy the fact that this food can be had cheaply. As a rule, Mad loves any restaurant where she can order mac and cheese that comes with goldfish crackers in a cup. Lynnette, however, hates Denny’s. It’s beneath her, so Madison and I try to eat at such places when Lynnette isn’t around. Both of us plowed through our breakfasts. Mad ate all her bacon and eggs and about half of her pancakes. That’s impressive by her standards.

Con: The plan to hit up Nanakuli District Park. As we left Denny’s Madison mentioned that she wanted to go to a playground before getting to the beach. I agreed; it was still pretty early. I recalled that Nanakuli District Park had a unique monkey bar set and started the drive out that way. We were quickly met by stop-and-go traffic. I saw the back up and had a chance to u-turn out of it but quickly “nahnahnah-ed” myself out of that line of thinking. It was another 15 minutes until I had another chance to turn around. I took it.


Con: Lagoon 4 was full. By the time we made it to Madison’s preferred beach (a “regular” Ko’olina beach), the parking lot was full. We had to double back to the non-Ko’olina beach near Paradise Cove where we had no trouble finding parking because it cost $6. At some point this summer, I swear to you that we will visit another beach.

Pro: Madison caught a bunch of fish with a scoop net. We didn’t bring our own, but a family was kind enough to let us borrow one of theirs. Madison took advantage of the low tide and caught a bunch of those little mud-skippery looking fish in the tide pools. She says that this was the highlight of her day.


Pro: The sea turtles were out in force. There were at least four different sea turtles just hanging out in the lagoon. I like to take pictures of them.

Confession: Whenever I sink underwater to take pictures and video of the sea turtles, i have to resist the urge to shout “Heeeey turtle!” at the turtle underwater. Obviously, it’s likely my words would be skewed by the water, and I don’t know that the turtle would care – or even know that it’s a turtle – but I just can’t stand the thought that he’d go back to all his turtle friends and be all “Let me tell you about this complete jerk I encountered at the beach today…”

5Con: Sunburn! Madison and I picked up a new can of sunscreen on our way to the beach. I sprayed her down as I usually do, then she sprayed my back as she usually does. An hour or so into our stay, I could tell that parts of my back were burning. I looked at her back and it seemed OK. When we got home, I gave myself a look in the mirror and saw strips of red. “Someone didn’t spray my back evenly,” I said. “I’m sorry, dad,” Madison said. She really felt bad. But not as bad as she would feel a few hours later. She got toasted too! I don’t know what happened. I guess this sunscreen doesn’t work the way our old one did. Maybe we didn’t wait long enough before getting into the water? I don’t know. What I do know is that Madison and I are stalking around the living room shirtless like a wrestling tag team. We’re even wearing matching black bottoms. This is a pro, by the way.


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