Fourth of July 2016: All Sick


Get up, Mem!

The original plan for today would have seen Madison, Cole, Avery, and their cousin Declan playing in a pool at my parents’ house. But Lynnette got sick on Wednesday night and eventually all three of the kids did too. They’re all running fevers, but you couldn’t tell it by how happily they’re all playing together. Except for Lynnette. You can totally tell. She’s been using her illness as an excuse not to kiss or other interact with me. When I tell her that I am willing to risk illness just to be with her, she rolls her eyes and calls me stupid. If chivalry is dead, then the flu killed it.


Cheap thrills.

If you ask the three kids, they’ll probably tell you that the highlight of the day has been the bubbles in the living room. Well, that’s what the one kid who can talk said. Mad’s got a fever and has rebounded nicely from a rough, sluggish morning. She blew huge bubbles for her brother and sister who showed their thanks by screaming and reaching for those bubbles.

I didn’t ask her, but the highlight of Lynnette’s day is probably a two way tie between getting a drink from Rainbow Tea House and being able to use her Get Out of Bed free card once again tonight. I don’t even know if she’s lying to me about her level of contagiousness, but she’s smarter than me and I have no recourse. Sigh.

The highlight of my day has been sitting in my air conditioned living room with my family, doing things like:

Heckling Madison’s bow and arrow performance.

Cole really came on strong right there. Madison got flustered as you can tell.

Giving ourselves some free time by playing the Hot Dog Dance on a loop.

Someone looped the Hot Dog Dance for an hour and threw it on YouTube. It has over 7 million views. Parenthood is a sacred club.

Tossing my kids into the air.

I’ll have to work on that angle next time.

Hopefully we’ll be able to celebrate America’s birthday properly next summer.


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