Pokemon Go!

4Pokemon Go went live today! I’m not totally sure how to play the game, but that hardly matters! I’ll figure it out! Eventually!

1Lynnette is the biggest hypebeast in the house, so she downloaded the game as soon as Madison and I told her that it was available. This, despite the fact that she’s been mocking my interest in Pokemon since I got back into it three years ago. “Noooooooow you wanna be a Pokemon fan?” I wanted to say. But I didn’t. Because everyone starts somewhere.

The best part of Pokemon Go is the fact that it got our entire family out of the house for a post-dinner walk. Normally that time of the evening would be reserved for watching TV, playing an actual Pokemon game, washing copious amounts of bottles and bottle parts, or staring into an open pantry looking for some kind of dessert that wasn’t there 5 minutes before then. According to Pokemon Go, we walked 1.14 kilometers which is exactly 1.14 more kilometers than we walked last night.

2These are the Pokemon I’ve caught so far. I already made the mistake of passing up the chance to catch a second Pidgey. Apparently, catching every single one you come across is important because that’ll help evolve them. Like I said, I have no idea what I’m doing.

Part of the joy of playing the game so far has been getting caught up in the excitement created by all my contacts on social media. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are minefields of screenshots just like this one. There are also loud and vulgar lamentations regarding server issues and the app constantly crashing. It’ll be a little while before they figure everything out. I’m just glad it’s here now, while I have a little bit of summer left. I have to be totally honest, after the Costco/Target Fest that this summer as been, I’d basically lost the desire to leave the house. Once the kids got sick this weekend, I could feel the effort levels plummeting. The weather hasn’t helped, either. But Pokemon Go makes me want to get out of the house. What if there’s a Pikachu at Costco? A Dragonite at Target? Only one way to find out.

3Now, I know I said that the walking/exercise was the best part of the Pokemon Go experience so far. It was not, however, my favorite part.

When we got home from our walk, I checked the app one last time before settling back in. A Poliwag appeared on-screen. When I tapped him on the map, it didn’t immediately appear on the camera. In fact, it didn’t appear until I swiveled around and saw this. It was difficult to compose myself. I quickly took somewhere between 3 and 54 screenshots, then commenced my attempt to catch Poliwag.

I caught that Pokemon eventually, but that was of secondary importance. One single day into Pokemon Go, the game has given me this signature moment. I will cherish it in my heart and on my phone and in this blog and in my mind forever.

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