Cole at 8 Months

Cole is 8 months old today but he’s been wearing 9-12 month old clothing for a month now. I don’t think he’s the Brock Lesnar of babies or anything, it probably seems so stark because Avery has remained dainty by comparison.

Names shouted at Cole by member of household:
Madison (quickly, and in a hoarse voice): “Kuh-Boi”
Lynnette (in a high-pitched, cheery voice): “Hand-some boy! My handsome, handsome, handsome boooy!”
Me (in just my regular voice): “Hey, Chubs”

1Cole’s added a couple of new tricks to his moveset. He’s developed physically over the past month more quickly than at any other point in his life. Three weeks ago he learned to pull himself up to standing. Now he can even cruise along the couch. I’ve been assured by our resident nurse that “cruise” is the actual technical term, don’t worry. He’s a very quick crawler and solid climber – the same way Mad was before she fell off the monkey bars and got the climbing yips. Cole’s once managed to climb up his bouncer, trampoline on it a few times, then crawl over to an adjacent laundry basket filled with clothes, after which he flipped himself out of said basket. This happened in front of his physical therapist who watched in mild surprise before she said “Wow, Cole!” He faceplanted and didn’t even care. I think he was just stoked that he pulled the thing off.

Not all of his new skills have been completely welcome, however. He has an uncanny knack for somehow getting to the cable remote control and changing the station out of my Law and Order rerun at pivotal moments in the plot. He’s also started throwing tantrums. If something doesn’t go his way, he plops himself down on his back and begins crying. Both arms stick up like he’s about to work on the bench press, but they don’t move. Instead, both his legs kick angrily up and out at the same time. It’s not a good look, especially when he summer heat causes his head to sweat and the thick, long hair at the side of his head make his look like a damn penguin or Jack Nicholson.

Cole hasn’t spoken his first word yet but he does come very close to saying “banana”; admittedly, it’s more by chance than intent. He hasn’t taken a first step yet but he has managed to stand on his own for a few brief seconds. He did, however, pee all over Madison for the first time yesterday while she tried to change his diaper. It was as incredible as I’d always hoped it would be.


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