Avery at 8 Months

Avery is 8 months old today and she’s feeling a little under the weather so she’s sporting a cool washcloth on her head as pictured below. It helps keep her cool and also matches her beloved Mets jersey so everyone wins!

Names shouted at Avery by member of household:
Madison (in the highest pitch and volume physically possible): “Ay-Veeeeeeeee!”
Lynnette (in the same high-pitched, cheery voice she uses to scream at Cole): “Priiii-ty Girl! My pretty, pretty, pretty girl!”
Me (hyper-enthusiastic, like a kids’ game show host going all-in on his job): “Gravy!”

10Like her brother Avery has developed quite a bit during the last month. She pulled to standing before Cole, but Cole learned to lower himself and cruise before Avery did. Before this week, Avery’s only method of returning to a seated position from a standing one was simply to fall backwards. If she didn’t feel like being a stunt baby, she’d start crying for one of us to take her down.

In the last two weeks she’s shown a particular interest in trying to wake up Cole by pushing on his bouncer while he’s asleep in it. If he doesn’t get up, she climbs onto the bouncer, then onto him and bounces until he starts crying. Obviously, this is totally uncool, but it’s also hilarious. Only Cole doesn’t agree.

Avery was the first to sport teeth. She’s got two little choppers sticking through her bottom gums. Because of this, it is not uncommon to catch Avery making duckface at any given time. She also makes a clicking noise by sucking air through her lips and teeth. This is her primary method of communication. Lynnette and I have no idea what she means, but Gravy directly answers questions with this noise.

Her hair hasn’t come in yet, but she’s got a few rogue strands of long hair that blend in with her thin shorts ones – you know, aside from that hideous wing she’s got growing on the left side of her head. Anyway, what I like to do is rub my hands together very quickly, then rub them on Avery’s head in order to get those long strands standing up. It’s so cute! All her hair pops up,  but those longer ones stand up and wobble like that inflatable sidewalk dancer thing. “Hopefully she’ll have hair before she turns 1,” Lynnette said earlier this week. I don’t know about that.

The last thing I want to report on is Avery’s begging. Cole whines more frequently than Avery does, but Avery’s whining is more intense. All Avery needs is to be visibly reminded of something that she wants. For example, she can be playing with toys – smiling and laughing – but if she spots a bottle, it will remind her that she should like to have a drink of milk. She immediately starts whining. This evolves into crrying. She pairs this crying with a slow crawl to whichever older human is holding the bottle. Two days ago Madison stood up to feed Cole. Avery looked over from where she was standing next to a plastic bin. As soon as she realized someone else was going to get fed, she was furious. She plopped herself down into a seated position, then began her epic cry/crawl toward Madison. She traveled all the way to Mad’s foot, then propped herself up on one of Mad’s legs. She was crying and whining the entire time. It’s pathetic, really. But it’s also hilarious.

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