The First Dot of Light

2Today is Avery’s best day since she was admitted on Tuesday. Her swelling has decreased markedly, to the point where her skin looks like actual skin rather than plastic. Her toes and fingers look like they’re capable of flexing once again. Since the previous three sentences are about all the medical speak I am capable of, I will turn this entry over to Lynnette, a registered nurse and our resident medical know-it-all.

Avery hasn’t needed any Tylenol for at least 2 days.  Her temperature has been within the normal range for the most part, nothing that turning on her small fan or simply putting on an extra blanket won’t fix.  Avery has also been making good progress with her shishi, getting rid of all the extra water that’s been making her super swollen.  She’s finally starting to look like our Gravy again.  Best of all, the doctors have been slowly weaning Avery off her special breathing machine called an oscillator, and she’s tolerating it so far. If she continues to tolerate it, hopefully, she’ll transition to a traditional ventilator in the next few days. Avery’s lungs have also improved.  Her doctor said that her chest x-ray from this morning was the best it’s been.  Overall, Avery has been making progress in the right direction.  Very slowly, but in the right direction.

It’s been a week since Avery first spiked a fever. We’ve lost track of the days a couple of times. We haven’t had a home-cooked meal since last Thursday. I now move about Kapiolani Hospital without the need for directions. Pokemon Go is annihilating our data plan. Somehow, Lynnette spent two nights here sleeping on two desk chairs facing each other. I’ve run through all of my dry-fit shirts. Our house is a mess. Our fridge and counter tops are heavily populated by half-empty soda bottles from the hospital cafeteria. Abby is super-pissed at us and has made finding her random turds in the house an Olympic-level event. It’s been a rough stretch. But today the first white dot appeared in the distance, punctuating a seemingly interminable darkness of uncertainty. I’ll take it.


One comment on “The First Dot of Light

  1. Pat Bilyk says:

    So very happy to hear that Avery is making positive progress! Prayer works! My prayers will continue for Avery and all of you at this difficult time.
    Hugs and love to all of you!

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